Vladimir Vysotsky
Aliceís Song (K.Tolmachev)
Lyrical Song (K.Tolmachev)
Yakovlev Fighter (K.Tolmachev)
Magadan (K.Tolmachev)
A Farewell to Mountains (K.Tolmachev)
My Turn to Lead (K.Tolmachev)
Vessels (K.Tolmachev)
I do not like... (K.Tolmachev)
The Roadside Story (K.Tolmachev)
The Song of Uneasiness (K.Tolmachev)
Wild Boars Hunt (K.Tolmachev)
Song for the deceased pilot (K.Tolmachev)
In memoriam: Vasily Shukshin (K.Tolmachev)
Soldiers of the Army Group Center (K.Tolmachev)
And our sons depart to fight (K.Tolmachev)
To the Cold... (K.Tolmachev)
The War Song (K.Tolmachev)
A Letter (K.Tolmachev)
Iím full to the gills... (K.Tolmachev)
A Shopping trip to the City (K.Tolmachev)
A Tunnel through the Creek (K.Tolmachev)
Morning Gymnastics (K.Tolmachev)
Save Our Souls! (K.Tolmachev)
A HALO Jump (K.Tolmachev)
The Incident at a Restaurant (K.Tolmachev)
The Suits of Timber (K.Tolmachev)
For Fomin Sergey (K.Tolmachev)
Many soldiers were laid... (K.Tolmachev)
The Brotherly Graves (K.Tolmachev)
A Song About Stars (K.Tolmachev)
He Didnít Come Back from the Battle (K.Tolmachev)
A Company of Convicts (K.Tolmachev)
A Song about the Hospital (K.Tolmachev)
Strings of Sterling Silver (K.Tolmachev)
Black pea-coats (K.Tolmachev)
Reconnaissance in Force (K.Tolmachev)
Sentimental Boxer (K.Tolmachev)
Song of a Test Pilot (K.Tolmachev)
The Height (K.Tolmachev)
Itís Not Yet Written... (K.Tolmachev)
For Bread and Water... (K.Tolmachev)
Itís Not True That Life Exists... (K.Tolmachev)
A Song of a Drunken Sniper (K.Tolmachev)
A Song of a Fighter Pilot (K.Tolmachev)
Now Itís Not a Time for Grinning (K.Tolmachev)
Itís All Behind... (K.Tolmachev)
House of Crystal (K.Tolmachev)
The Storks (K.Tolmachev)
Pirateís Song (K.Tolmachev)
We Are Rotating the Earth (K.Tolmachev)
Over Me My Bride... (K.Tolmachev)
Throw Some Meat to the Mongrels (K.Tolmachev)
Wolf Hunt (K.Tolmachev)
Wolf Hunting from Helicopters (K.Tolmachev)
Song about Rumors (K.Tolmachev)
All Have Gone to War (K.Tolmachev)
The One Who Was with Her Before (K.Tolmachev)
The Execution of the Mountain Echo (K.Tolmachev)
Flight Interrupted (K.Tolmachev)
A Song About a Snitch (K.Tolmachev)
We Were the First in Line (K.Tolmachev)
The Long Candles Are Melting (K.Tolmachev)
A Song About a Friend (K.Tolmachev)
Be Thankful That Youíre Still Alive (K.Tolmachev)
Cathleen (K.Tolmachev)
Now Is Such a Tricky Time (K.Tolmachev)
After Ordering Two Cocktails (K.Tolmachev)
Donít Pay Attention to My Youthful Age (K.Tolmachev)
Captivated by Your Litheness (K.Tolmachev)
A Taxi-Driver Cursed the Wretched Weather (K.Tolmachev)
All My Life (K.Tolmachev)
Red and Green and Violet (K.Tolmachev)
This Was Not an Affair (K.Tolmachev)
A Song About the Kingís Marksman (K.Tolmachev)
Your Bright Eyes Cut Like a Knife (K.Tolmachev)
The Summit (K.Tolmachev)
To the Summit (K.Tolmachev)
If I Were a Physical Weakling (K.Tolmachev)
White Waltz (K.Tolmachev)
In All Kinds of Weather (K.Tolmachev)
Tattoo (K.Tolmachev)
The Grievances Are Everymanís Sad Lot (K.Tolmachev)
Tightrope Walker (K.Tolmachev)
The Monument (K.Tolmachev)
Once Upon a Time a King (K.Tolmachev)
Nothing Is Working Out (K.Tolmachev)
Gemini-8 (K.Tolmachev)
Two Big Wigs from the Committee (K.Tolmachev)
The Vehicles Are Passing... (K.Tolmachev)
Not So Often Wounds Are Aching (K.Tolmachev)
All Iced Up (K.Tolmachev)
Donít Take Me Out of and Away from Spring (K.Tolmachev)
The Lay of Oleg the Wise (K.Tolmachev)
A Connoisseur of Drinking (K.Tolmachev)
Chastushka (K.Tolmachev)
Russian Yogis (K.Tolmachev)
Take Me, Sailors, to the Open Sea (K.Tolmachev)
To a theater critic on his birthday (K.Tolmachev)
As I Said to My Doc (K.Tolmachev)
About My Master Sergeant (K.Tolmachev)
A Sketch About Leningrad (K.Tolmachev)
A Song of a Fighter Pilot (K.Tolmachev)
The One Who Didnít Shoot (K.Tolmachev)
To Igor Kokhanovsky (I) (K.Tolmachev)
To Igor Kokhanovsky (II) (K.Tolmachev)
Have You Been to Bella? (K.Tolmachev)
How Great It Is to Go to Bed Alone (K.Tolmachev)
Our Lord Could Feed Us... (K.Tolmachev)
A Ballad of the Short-lived Happiness (K.Tolmachev)
Letter (K.Tolmachev)
With Spades Instead of Diamonds (K.Tolmachev)
Iím Working... (K.Tolmachev)
About Our Meeting (K.Tolmachev)
Honestly, It Bothers (K.Tolmachev)
Letís Save This Lad (K.Tolmachev)
About the New Times (K.Tolmachev)
Sheís Been to Paris (K.Tolmachev)
The Meter (K.Tolmachev)
Variations of Gypsy Themes (K.Tolmachev)
A Ballad of Free Archers (K.Tolmachev)
Bolshoi Karetny Lane (K.Tolmachev)
The Bridges Are All Burned (K.Tolmachev)
We Were Finding Our Bearings by Vega (K.Tolmachev)
Gonerís Song (K.Tolmachev)
We Are Waiting for You (K.Tolmachev)
About Cassandra the Prophet (K.Tolmachev)
Dark Eyes. Part I. The Chase (K.Tolmachev)
HighwaymŚnís Song (K.Tolmachev)
For Nikolay Alekseev (K.Tolmachev)
Eternity small chunks we get... (K.Tolmachev)
Well, youíre sitting like a corpse... (K.Tolmachev)
Right from the morning... (K.Tolmachev)
Thatís nearly lethal... (K.Tolmachev)
Stop this stench!.. (K.Tolmachev)
I Was Told by My Buddies (K.Tolmachev)
Anti-Semites (K.Tolmachev)
But I Donít Regret It! (K.Tolmachev)
The Incident in a Mine (K.Tolmachev)
Iím standing firmly on the ground... (K.Tolmachev)
In the Greatest of All Worlds (K.Tolmachev)
Itís boring, Vanya... (K.Tolmachev)
When Iím pleasing my soul... (K.Tolmachev)
Like a slap, each rumorís ringing... (K.Tolmachev)
When salvation... (K.Tolmachev)
We all are living in a deadly void... (K.Tolmachev)
Well, this move - e4 back to e2 (K.Tolmachev)
The first one watched... (K.Tolmachev)
To Mikhail Baryshnikov (K.Tolmachev)
Iím not excited... (K.Tolmachev)
A Lullaby (K.Tolmachev)
It seems that I have smashed... (K.Tolmachev)
To Mihail Chemiakin (K.Tolmachev)
All gray paint... (K.Tolmachev)
A Soldierís Song (K.Tolmachev)
I Walked Out of the Deal (K.Tolmachev)
The Honor of the Chess Crown: Preparation (K.Tolmachev)
The Honor of the Chess Crown: The Game (K.Tolmachev)
To-Doís (K.Tolmachev)
To-Doís (second version) (K.Tolmachev)
A Ballad of the Abandoned Ship (K.Tolmachev)
Orders - cannot surrender... (K.Tolmachev)
My Island (K.Tolmachev)
Anticlerical (K.Tolmachev)
We are all someoneís cousins... (K.Tolmachev)
What to do? (K.Tolmachev)
A Song About the Earth (K.Tolmachev)

Aliceí song (E.Jelinek)
Dodo, White Rabbit, and Alice (E.Jelinek)
March of the antipodes (E.Jelinek)
The tumble of Alice (E.Jelinek)
In the sea of tears (E.Jelinek)
Song of a mouse (E.Jelinek)
Presentation of Robin Goose (E.Jelinek)
The parrotís song (E.Jelinek)
Elegy of a caterpillar (E.Jelinek)
The March hare (E.Jelinek)
The hatter (E.Jelinek)
Sleepy-head (E.Jelinek)
March (E.Jelinek)
That had begun early (E.Jelinek)
A guitar (E.Jelinek)
About the end of the war (E.Jelinek)
From the boring sabbath... (E.Jelinek)
Ballad of childhood (E.Jelinek)
Give meat to the dogs (E.Jelinek)
What a former life!.. (E.Jelinek)
Bodaibo (E.Jelinek)
After all, itís really mean... (E.Jelinek)
The one who had been with her before (E.Jelinek)
I loved women... (E.Jelinek)
The lads told me (E.Jelinek)
My friend has left for Magadan (E.Jelinek)
Thatís how it is (E.Jelinek)
Chopkinsonís lullaby (E.Jelinek)
Marinka, listen... (E.Jelinek)
Throw away boredom... (E.Jelinek)
But I am known here... (E.Jelinek)
I live in the best of worlds... (E.Jelinek)
Hey, chauffeur... (E.Jelinek)
Long ago I have realized... (E.Jelinek)
Raise your hands... (E.Jelinek)
How many wariors killed... (E.Jelinek)
She was as pure as snow in winter (E.Jelinek)
Steam-bath in black (E.Jelinek)
His mortification every man... (E.Jelinek)
There is nobody beside you (E.Jelinek)
Wars and hunger we have endured enough... (E.Jelinek)
They say about me... (E.Jelinek)
I take off everything... (E.Jelinek)
There are strolling... (E.Jelinek)
Permit me, that is, to report... (E.Jelinek)
Brodskiís song (E.Jelinek)
How many great men... (E.Jelinek)
The traveller on an official journey (E.Jelinek)
Near the city Peking... (E.Jelinek)
Thank you that you are alive (E.Jelinek)
Captivity - command - no surrender... (E.Jelinek)
I never believed in mirages... (E.Jelinek)
Extinguish the candles... (E.Jelinek)
So many years... (E.Jelinek)
Could you guess today... (E.Jelinek)
Rumours play the first fiddle in Russia (E.Jelinek)
Monday song (E.Jelinek)
Domestic and predacious animals... (E.Jelinek)
The whole of Russia to the boundaries... (E.Jelinek)
The day - the livelong day... (E.Jelinek)
Cars are passing... (E.Jelinek)
Is he really here... (E.Jelinek)
Dumb yearning gnaws sometimes... (E.Jelinek)
Sloping in oneís declining years... (E.Jelinek)
Forgetting business affairs... (E.Jelinek)
The good looking are more loved... (E.Jelinek)
Lads write a letter to me (E.Jelinek)
If to please that is too little... (E.Jelinek)
The gipsy shouted... (E.Jelinek)
I thought that is all... (E.Jelinek)
Arrived in Monaco... (E.Jelinek)
In every sort of weather... (E.Jelinek)
I am fed up to the throat... (E.Jelinek)
And we however live in a deadly void... (E.Jelinek)
Now itís over!.. (E.Jelinek)
I am delighted, the soul sings... (E.Jelinek)
I could be with my mother-in-law... (E.Jelinek)
To the Taiga (E.Jelinek)
I am losing the true faith (E.Jelinek)
The meter (E.Jelinek)
I eat up the mess... (E.Jelinek)
Affairs (E.Jelinek)
Storks (E.Jelinek)
On the way I met... (E.Jelinek)
I walked once through the capital (E.Jelinek)
Now what shall I speak to you about!.. (E.Jelinek)
Song about the informer (E.Jelinek)
Black ice (E.Jelinek)
Farewell (E.Jelinek)
I have travelled to Magadan (E.Jelinek)
Express Moscow - Warsaw (E.Jelinek)
Last swindler (E.Jelinek)
In the tramway (E.Jelinek)
I am convinced... (E.Jelinek)
Song about a loony bin (E.Jelinek)
Song about a real insider (E.Jelinek)
About fateful data and numbers (E.Jelinek)
From below ice and above... (E.Jelinek)
Bolshoi Karetny (E.Jelinek)
Song about the hospital (E.Jelinek)
The height (E.Jelinek)
Forgotten (E.Jelinek)
My bride will truly sob for me (E.Jelinek)
March of the divers (E.Jelinek)
I had forty surnames... (E.Jelinek)
Two fates (E.Jelinek)
Ways, ways... (E.Jelinek)
Duet of the separated (E.Jelinek)
An uncommon day... (E.Jelinek)
Whilst you are here... (E.Jelinek)
Tsunami (E.Jelinek)
If you somewhere... (E.Jelinek)
Song about the new time (E.Jelinek)
Long, however you look... (E.Jelinek)
Song of Vanya (E.Jelinek)
I am calm... (E.Jelinek)
Song about the sniper (E.Jelinek)
All has not been as wanted... (E.Jelinek)
Sentimental boxer (E.Jelinek)
From behind the mountain... (E.Jelinek)
In the kingdom of trolls... (E.Jelinek)
The sorcerer of the punctuation marks... (E.Jelinek)
I shall tell you what will be... (E.Jelinek)
We robbed together... (E.Jelinek)
Tattooing (E.Jelinek)
A stone lies in the steppe (E.Jelinek)
Alyosha (E.Jelinek)
Thunder roared... (E.Jelinek)
On the neutral zone (E.Jelinek)
Man overboard (E.Jelinek)
Compared to me is any fakir... (E.Jelinek)
Perhaps is appears strange to somebody... (E.Jelinek)
Song about the stars (E.Jelinek)
If I stumble over the verses... (E.Jelinek)
Song of the Earth (E.Jelinek)
About Seryoshka Fomin (E.Jelinek)
I respect Faust... (E.Jelinek)

The Young Frogs (A.Muhammad)
The Kingís Procession (A.Muhammad)
The Alarm Bell (A.Muhammad)
A Farewell (A.Muhammad)
Thereís only ice above me and below... (A.Muhammad)
A Ballad of Time (A.Muhammad)
A Ballad of Love (A.Muhammad)
Hunting for Wolves (A.Muhammad)
Hunting from Helicopters (A.Muhammad)
To My Friends (A.Muhammad)
In the beginning... (A.Muhammad)
The Famous Regiment (A.Muhammad)
The Final Song (A.Muhammad)
Iíll tell you what will happen (A.Muhammad)
Chances (A.Muhammad)
If thouíst found thyself... (A.Muhammad)
The Morning Exercise (A.Muhammad)
Candles trickle and drown... (A.Muhammad)
The fords are deep... (A.Muhammad)
Life with the strong rope... (A.Muhammad)
Someone Elseís Rut (A.Muhammad)
The Dark (A.Muhammad)
Iím an exotic man... (A.Muhammad)
A Parable of Truth and Lie (A.Muhammad)
The Card-Sharpers (A.Muhammad)
A Song about the Kingís Shooter (A.Muhammad)
A Song of Rossia (A.Muhammad)
Today Iím calm... (A.Muhammad)
The Messenger (A.Muhammad)
There was a sovereign... (A.Muhammad)
A Pirate Song (A.Muhammad)
The Meterís Ticking (A.Muhammad)
Weíll save the lost guy... (A.Muhammad)
The Execution of the Mountain Echo (A.Muhammad)
We live in the dead emptiness... (A.Muhammad)
If thereís but a sadness... (A.Muhammad)
Spring waters went away... (A.Muhammad)
Itís my fate... (A.Muhammad)
When play cards... (A.Muhammad)
The Song of the Fighter Pilot (A.Muhammad)
Iím on the job... (A.Muhammad)
An outsider will step... (A.Muhammad)
Iíve prepared a report... (A.Muhammad)
I perceive neither anger nor blue (A.Muhammad)
There was once a man... (A.Muhammad)
Throw your blues... (A.Muhammad)
I never thought to do him a bad turn... (A.Muhammad)
Donít be mistaken with my young age... (A.Muhammad)
Perhaps I want to cry... (A.Muhammad)
Around the clock... (A.Muhammad)
A Lullaby (A.Muhammad)
A Lyrical Song (A.Muhammad)
On Fatal Dates and Figures (A.Muhammad)
A Robber Song (A.Muhammad)
Though Iím awake... (A.Muhammad)
The Mystery of Hippies (A.Muhammad)
The Silly Dream (A.Muhammad)
Sonny, listen to a tale... (A.Muhammad)
In Our Time (A.Muhammad)
Make a bridge... (A.Muhammad)
And people continued to complain... (A.Muhammad)
A Song about Friendship (A.Muhammad)
A Farewell to the Mountains (A.Muhammad)
The German Combatants (A.Muhammad)
He Was Shot in the Fighting (A.Muhammad)
A Song about the Neutral Zone (A.Muhammad)
The Wooden Clothing (A.Muhammad)
The crown... (A.Muhammad)
We put out to ocean... (A.Muhammad)
A Song of the Old House (A.Muhammad)
Thank Thee, O Good Lord... (A.Muhammad)
The Glorification of Father (A.Muhammad)
My beloved will fairly mourn... (A.Muhammad)
The Silver Strings (A.Muhammad)
Hey, chauffeur... (A.Muhammad)
An Eastern Parable (A.Muhammad)
A Ballad of the Flowers... (A.Muhammad)
About Love in the Middle Ages (A.Muhammad)
Itís no use to talk to thee! (A.Muhammad)
A Gypsy Song (A.Muhammad)
Weíre horses, tried in battles... (A.Muhammad)
A Song about the Mongooses (A.Muhammad)
To the wood... (A.Muhammad)
All Is Iced (A.Muhammad)
Catherine (A.Muhammad)
For lots of lucky years... (A.Muhammad)
The Weightlifterís Song (A.Muhammad)
Rain or shine... (A.Muhammad)
A Tale about the Ill-Fated Wood Dwellers (A.Muhammad)
The Appeal (A.Muhammad)
Wish I Could Sink (A.Muhammad)
Each and every thing... (A.Muhammad)
Glory to the Soldier! (A.Muhammad)
The Song of Men (A.Muhammad)
The gentle animals and predatory beasts... (A.Muhammad)
A Lecture on the State of Modern Science (A.Muhammad)
When the just revolution... (A.Muhammad)
Our life has lots of edges... (A.Muhammad)
My fellowís time... (A.Muhammad)
I lead my life in abject beggary... (A.Muhammad)
Heíd gotten whatever wanted... (A.Muhammad)
You wonít discover nameless ships... (A.Muhammad)
The snowstorm is raging... (A.Muhammad)
How many mighty people of the earth... (A.Muhammad)
Why do I stand all at sea... (A.Muhammad)
He said to me... (A.Muhammad)
One can easy get the works... (A.Muhammad)
Rumors rule... (A.Muhammad)
Now without grinning... (A.Muhammad)
I canít seek the oblivion of sleep... (A.Muhammad)
Every rumor here pleases my soul... (A.Muhammad)
Itís not a joke... (A.Muhammad)
Itís appeared that I canít write... (A.Muhammad)
It seems that Iíve beaten... (A.Muhammad)
Bad news wonít ever hurt my soul... (A.Muhammad)
I loved to wine... (A.Muhammad)
What to do?.. (A.Muhammad)
I pass dames neither silently nor easy... (A.Muhammad)
With my parents-in-law... (A.Muhammad)
One guffawed... (A.Muhammad)
Itís really great... (A.Muhammad)
Thereís no way for a long time... (A.Muhammad)
Why do I run toward a knife?.. (A.Muhammad)
When the rescue of our lives... (A.Muhammad)
Iíve forgiven her Johnny... (A.Muhammad)
When I please my soul... (A.Muhammad)
Thereís no reason in making time... (A.Muhammad)
They wonít cheat me... (A.Muhammad)
Oh, how trying is our time!.. (A.Muhammad)
Each one of us... (A.Muhammad)
Neither formally nor stiffly... (A.Muhammad)
But how many Iíve seen... (A.Muhammad)
When whatsoever possible was reached... (A.Muhammad)
Weíve gotten but a twinkling... (A.Muhammad)
Ah, where have I gotten... (A.Muhammad)
If you were asked once... (A.Muhammad)

Lewis Carrolís song (G.Tokarev)
A Parrotís song (G.Tokarev)
Paradise apples (G.Tokarev)
A Spellbound World (G.Tokarev)
Hamlet (G.Tokarev)
Brotherly Graves (G.Tokarev)
About mixed marriages (G.Tokarev)
Failed burglary (G.Tokarev)
He didnít come back from the battle (G.Tokarev)
An ode to the bath-house (G.Tokarev)
Song about the Earth (G.Tokarev)
An Appeal to the Supreme Court (G.Tokarev)
I hate (G.Tokarev)
Cold days (G.Tokarev)
A plumber (G.Tokarev)
A noble thiefís love (G.Tokarev)
The small flaw of a fine doctor (G.Tokarev)
An unusual fable (G.Tokarev)
A letter from Paris to a friend (G.Tokarev)
A letter (G.Tokarev)
Gutsy Barry - a guy from the West (G.Tokarev)
A sailorsí song (G.Tokarev)
A song of the fishermen (G.Tokarev)
Man overboard (G.Tokarev)
A gonerís song (G.Tokarev)
A sincere song (G.Tokarev)
A tour abroad (G.Tokarev)
A stilted love song (G.Tokarev)
Another stilted love song (G.Tokarev)
A constellation of Tau-Ketite (G.Tokarev)
A corsair (G.Tokarev)
A farewell to the mountains (G.Tokarev)
A high-jumperís song (G.Tokarev)
A lecture on the international situation (G.Tokarev)
A long-jumperís song (G.Tokarev)
A microphoneís song (G.Tokarev)
A singer in front of the microphone (G.Tokarev)
A song about a friend (G.Tokarev)
A song about a killed war-pilot (G.Tokarev)
A song about a sentimental boxer (G.Tokarev)
A song about the Robin Hood archers (G.Tokarev)
A wrong song (G.Tokarev)
About clairvoyant Cassandra (G.Tokarev)
About love in the epoch of the Renaissance (G.Tokarev)
About love in the Middle Ages (G.Tokarev)
About love in the Stone Age (G.Tokarev)
Amblerís race (G.Tokarev)
An antisemiteís song (G.Tokarev)
An interrupted flight (G.Tokarev)
At the party (G.Tokarev)
Big people calls (G.Tokarev)
Carnival masks (G.Tokarev)
Cosmonaut #1 (G.Tokarev)
Give meat to the dogs... (G.Tokarev)
Gratefulness (G.Tokarev)
He, who was with her before (G.Tokarev)
In the beginning was the word... (G.Tokarev)
In the mountains (G.Tokarev)
Quitting a deal (G.Tokarev)
Reincarnation of souls (G.Tokarev)
Save our souls (G.Tokarev)
Sean Connery in Moscow (G.Tokarev)
Ships (G.Tokarev)
Stars (G.Tokarev)
The ballad of fighting (G.Tokarev)
The ballad of the abandoned ship (G.Tokarev)
The ballad of love (G.Tokarev)
The black jackets (G.Tokarev)
The fires of the civil war (G.Tokarev)
The horizon (G.Tokarev)
The mainsail (G.Tokarev)
The monument (G.Tokarev)
The weightlifter (G.Tokarev)
Three hundred miles (G.Tokarev)
The tightrope-walker (G.Tokarev)
To Marina Vladi (G.Tokarev)
To the top (G.Tokarev)
Two cars (G.Tokarev)
Wayward horses (G.Tokarev)
White wilderness (G.Tokarev)
Wolf hunting (G.Tokarev)
Hunting from helicopters (G.Tokarev)
World chess championsip: Preparation (G.Tokarev)
World chess championsip: The game (G.Tokarev)
ďYakĒ - the fighter (G.Tokarev)
Tsunami (G.Tokarev)
The storm (G.Tokarev)
About a yogi (G.Tokarev)
No match (G.Tokarev)
A cynical dirge (G.Tokarev)
A private detectiveís song (G.Tokarev)
If (G.Tokarev)
♫⌇Our Times (G.Tokarev)
The criminal code (G.Tokarev)
About a skate sprinter (G.Tokarev)
About a djinn (G.Tokarev)
Life traveled by (G.Tokarev)
A recidivist (G.Tokarev)
A singer in a restaurant (G.Tokarev)
A run through the woods (G.Tokarev)
A restaurant encounter (G.Tokarev)
A soviet detective story (G.Tokarev)
A tale of evil spirits (G.Tokarev)
A test pilotís song (G.Tokarev)
A war song (G.Tokarev)

From morning till morning (N.Mer)
Bodaybo (N.Mer)
I grew up during the Leningrad blockade (N.Mer)
The criminal (N.Mer)
The fellow traveler (N.Mer)
The sentence (N.Mer)
Thatís how it is (N.Mer)
Donít take me away from the spring (N.Mer)
I was a soul of the foolish society (N.Mer)
My mother, start to cry (N.Mer)
The convict Vassilyev and convict Petrov (N.Mer)
The penal code (N.Mer)
The silver strings (N.Mer)
I am fed up (N.Mer)
The letter (N.Mer)
The sad romance (N.Mer)
The two milk brothers (N.Mer)
For me the bride (N.Mer)
About our date (N.Mer)
The song of students-archaeologists (N.Mer)
The battalions of convicts (N.Mer)
The ball-masquarade (N.Mer)
The march of cosmic scoundrel (N.Mer)
The stars (N.Mer)
The neutral zone (N.Mer)
The novel with indecent title (N.Mer)
The song about a hospital (N.Mer)
Everyone had left for the front (N.Mer)
I do not pity (N.Mer)
Give some meat to the dogs (N.Mer)
The colds (N.Mer)
A song about the ice skater-sprinter (N.Mer)
My friend went to Magadan (N.Mer)
Song of the envious one (N.Mer)
Hereís the main entrance (N.Mer)
The fraternal graves (N.Mer)
Taganka (N.Mer)
The evil in fairy tales (N.Mer)
A song about the new time (N.Mer)
The parody on a bad detective story (N.Mer)
Farewell with the mountains (N.Mer)
He alpine shooters (N.Mer)
The summit (N.Mer)
A song about a friend (N.Mer)
Before leaving to another country (N.Mer)
The sentimental boxer (N.Mer)
The ships (N.Mer)
She was in Paris (N.Mer)
The genie or the russian spirit (N.Mer)
The archer (N.Mer)
A song about the food line (N.Mer)
The song about Cassandra the prophetess (N.Mer)
The sail (N.Mer)
The incident in a restaurant (N.Mer)
The storks (N.Mer)
The wooden costumes (N.Mer)
The dream (N.Mer)
She has... (N.Mer)
The professionals (N.Mer)
Save our souls (N.Mer)
A song about mongoose (N.Mer)
The crystal house (N.Mer)
About the unhappy forest inhabitants (N.Mer)
Moscow - Odessa (N.Mer)
Death in the triangular envelope (N.Mer)
The yogis (N.Mer)
The morning gymnastics (N.Mer)
The russian steam-bath (N.Mer)
The riot on shipboard (N.Mer)
The fog (N.Mer)
The letter of Tambov factory workers (N.Mer)
This earth has so many races (N.Mer)
The pirate ship (N.Mer)
The psychos (N.Mer)
The death of a jet fighter (N.Mer)
The Wolf Hunt (N.Mer)
The sons are leaving to fight (N.Mer)
He didnít return from the battle (N.Mer)
A song about the Earth (N.Mer)
In the darkness (N.Mer)
I donít like (N.Mer)
The queen of my dreams (N.Mer)
The lyrical song (N.Mer)
To the summit (N.Mer)
The Far East (N.Mer)
You are walking the edge of an iceberg (N.Mer)
The Muse (N.Mer)
In my soul (N.Mer)
A song about rumors (N.Mer)
What happened in Africa (N.Mer)
Letís drink to those who work in police (N.Mer)
A trip to the city (N.Mer)
The transmigration of souls (N.Mer)
Song About Serezhka Fomin (N.Mer)

The Hatter (A.Trojanowski)
And soul and head, in pain, it seems... (A.Trojanowski)
Black jackets (A.Trojanowski)
Masks (A.Trojanowski)
Song about the friend (A.Trojanowski)
Fairy Tale About The Hapless Personalities (A.Trojanowski)
The hunt for wolves (A.Trojanowski)
A Sketch about Leningrad (A.Trojanowski)
I was the highest grade fitter (A.Trojanowski)
Cholera (A.Trojanowski)
Horses (A.Trojanowski)
In the beginning there was a word... (A.Trojanowski)
Iím daydreaming... (A.Trojanowski)
A letter from Kanatchikov dacha (A.Trojanowski)
It so happened... (A.Trojanowski)
Itís altogether not a french cancan (A.Trojanowski)
We will save the boy... (A.Trojanowski)
Like yeast dough, the records grow... (A.Trojanowski)
Free fall (A.Trojanowski)
Donít go away (A.Trojanowski)
Along the river of life... (A.Trojanowski)
Moscow - Odessa (A.Trojanowski)
Suicide attempt (A.Trojanowski)
Itís all started in September... (A.Trojanowski)
I believe in our common star... (A.Trojanowski)
The song about the first rows (A.Trojanowski)
The song about the rumours (A.Trojanowski)
Professionals (A.Trojanowski)
After ten years (A.Trojanowski)
We were first standing in line (A.Trojanowski)
Honestly, it hurts... (A.Trojanowski)
My friend went to Magadan (A.Trojanowski)
The guys told me (A.Trojanowski)
I live in the best of the worlds... (A.Trojanowski)
How many great ones were destroyed... (A.Trojanowski)
Just be thankful (A.Trojanowski)
I used to read Pushkin... (A.Trojanowski)
Our ancestors... (A.Trojanowski)
My second Me (A.Trojanowski)
The cars are running... (A.Trojanowski)
Without these machines... (A.Trojanowski)
Masquerade Ball (A.Trojanowski)
Iím at peace... (A.Trojanowski)
The meter (A.Trojanowski)
Iíll lose the true belief... (A.Trojanowski)
Iím polishing off clean... (A.Trojanowski)
I went to Magadan (A.Trojanowski)
A scatterbrain driver will cut short... (A.Trojanowski)
I had forty surnames... (A.Trojanowski)
In the distant constellation of Tau Kita (A.Trojanowski)
If I would be physically weak... (A.Trojanowski)
They say arrested... (A.Trojanowski)
It took you awhile to arrive... (A.Trojanowski)
Though in our century there is nothing... (A.Trojanowski)
The ice above and below... (A.Trojanowski)
Commentator in his booth... (A.Trojanowski)
Parable about Truth and Lie (A.Trojanowski)
Song of the pilot (A.Trojanowski)
When my verses donít make any sense... (A.Trojanowski)
The soldiers of the group "Center" (A.Trojanowski)
A trip to the city (A.Trojanowski)
Police report (A.Trojanowski)
Nameless mass graves (A.Trojanowski)
He did not return from the fight (A.Trojanowski)
This evening Iíll memorize... (A.Trojanowski)
The ballad of short-lived happiness (A.Trojanowski)
Brodsky Song (A.Trojanowski)
Not once Iíve met the bastards... (A.Trojanowski)
Combat reconnaissance (A.Trojanowski)
How many fallen soldiers lying... (A.Trojanowski)
A song about a high jumper (A.Trojanowski)
Oh, where do I get my rude manners from... (A.Trojanowski)

A storm has raged all evening (Porokhnya)
Give the dogs meat (Porokhnya)
A sketch of Leningrad (Porokhnya)
For the honour of the chess crown (I) (Porokhnya)
For the honour of the chess crown (II) (Porokhnya)
Iím working and Iíve got a knife (Porokhnya)
I was into women and flirtation (Porokhnya)
The guy on a train (Porokhnya)
The monument (Porokhnya)
The plagiaristís song (Porokhnya)
The tattoo (Porokhnya)
Urban romance (Porokhnya)
When it came to false names I had forty (Porokhnya)
The ballad of the short neck (Porokhnya)
Itís not yet evening (Porokhnya)
I was once a grade-six metalworker (Porokhnya)
Mountaineer girl (Porokhnya)
On the neutral ground (Porokhnya)
The cold (Porokhnya)
The crystal house (Porokhnya)
The fancy-dress party (Porokhnya)
The hospital (Porokhnya)
White silence (Porokhnya)
A letter to "Incredible But True" (Porokhnya)
A sketch of Paris (Porokhnya)
Agent 007 (Porokhnya)
Beasts both wild and domestic... (Porokhnya)
He was a surgeon (Porokhnya)
I abandoned a deal (Porokhnya)
Itís been this way since time began (Porokhnya)
Itís so smoky... (Porokhnya)
An incident at the pit (Porokhnya)
The ballad of love (Porokhnya)
The ballad of the little man (Porokhnya)
The people stood there muttering (Porokhnya)
Wooden clothing (Porokhnya)
Ninka (Porokhnya)
The broken flight (Porokhnya)
A statement at the police station (Porokhnya)
I have left Mother Russia (Porokhnya)
A ballad about guns (Porokhnya)
What if vodka were drunk only by one (Porokhnya)
Where was I last night? (Porokhnya)
Anti-Semites (Porokhnya)
A parable about truth (Porokhnya)
A song about reincarnation (Porokhnya)
Betrothal party (Porokhnya)
Two fates (Porokhnya)
Parody of a bad crime novel (Porokhnya)
Dialogue in front of the television (Porokhnya)
Horses (Porokhnya)
She is blessed... (Porokhnya)
My boys gave me a tip-off (Porokhnya)
My friend has moved to Magadan (Porokhnya)
My gypsy song (Porokhnya)
Recidivist (Porokhnya)
Russian domes (Porokhnya)
Sheís been to Paris (Porokhnya)
Steam bath (Porokhnya)
The cheerful departed (Porokhnya)
The con Vasiliev and Petrov the con (Porokhnya)
The Outlawsí song (Porokhnya)
The song of the fighter plane (Porokhnya)
Two lovely cars (Porokhnya)

Parrot the pirate (V.Astrakhan)
Gears of Time (V.Astrakhan)
The one who was with her before (V.Astrakhan)
The cab meter (V.Astrakhan)
Seven years of blue (V.Astrakhan)
Everybodyís gone to war (V.Astrakhan)
Heavenbound (V.Astrakhan)
Knightís Tale (V.Astrakhan)
Robin Hood (V.Astrakhan)
Save Our Souls (V.Astrakhan)
The ships (V.Astrakhan)
Tale of a Wild Boar (V.Astrakhan)
He Didnít Return from the Battle (V.Astrakhan)
If Your Friend (V.Astrakhan)
Gypsy Blues (V.Astrakhan)
The ballad of love (V.Astrakhan)
The Finished Man (V.Astrakhan)
Wolf Hunt (V.Astrakhan)
Why Did the Savages Eat Captain Cook? (V.Astrakhan)
A Merry Funeral Song (V.Astrakhan)
Race to the Horizon (V.Astrakhan)
Ballad of the high jumper (V.Astrakhan)
The Airfight (V.Astrakhan)
War in the Mountains (V.Astrakhan)
Cavemanís Love (V.Astrakhan)
Love in the Age of Renaissance (V.Astrakhan)
Children of Book (V.Astrakhan)
The flight aborted (V.Astrakhan)
The Final Poem (V.Astrakhan)
One Failed Romance (V.Astrakhan)
Be Grateful Youíre Alive (V.Astrakhan)
The warplane (V.Astrakhan)
21st century city blues (V.Astrakhan)
So hazy (V.Astrakhan)
Gamblers 1812 (V.Astrakhan)
Medical Records-I. A grand mistake (V.Astrakhan)
Medical Records-III. History of Illness (V.Astrakhan)
Crystal house (V.Astrakhan)
Fireride (V.Astrakhan)
Death convoy (V.Astrakhan)
Two fates (V.Astrakhan)
25 to Life (V.Astrakhan)
A Troubled Roman (V.Astrakhan)
Train to Heaven (V.Astrakhan)
The Buccaneer (V.Astrakhan)
The Cast Ballad (V.Astrakhan)
Jailbirdís Letter (V.Astrakhan)
Death of a Soccer Fan (V.Astrakhan)
The Summit (V.Astrakhan)
Hellís Paradise, Heavenís Hell (V.Astrakhan)
The Ornery Horses (V.Astrakhan)
The Friend (V.Astrakhan)
Two requests (V.Astrakhan)

The Tale of the Wild Mammal (A.Vagapov)
The Story of the Truth and the Lie (A.Vagapov)
The Reincarnation Song (A.Vagapov)
Saying good-bye to the mountains (A.Vagapov)
The ships (A.Vagapov)
I was fond of nasty tricks and women... (A.Vagapov)
The city romance (A.Vagapov)
The song of the new times (A.Vagapov)
The song of clairvoyant Cassandra (A.Vagapov)
I love you now (A.Vagapov)
Execution of mountain echo (A.Vagapov)
The icy world (A.Vagapov)
Apples from the garden of Eden (A.Vagapov)
The common graves (A.Vagapov)
I need changes cause for years... (A.Vagapov)
Itís no use to talk to you... (A.Vagapov)
He hasnít returned from the fighting (A.Vagapov)
The Lyrical Song (A.Vagapov)
The informer (A.Vagapov)
Both the pets and the wild beasts... (A.Vagapov)
There is the entrance... (A.Vagapov)
The song of the white elephant (A.Vagapov)
The fords are deep... (A.Vagapov)
The stars (A.Vagapov)
The one who didnít shoot (A.Vagapov)
I honor Dorian Gray and Faustus... (A.Vagapov)
My heart aches, so does my head... (A.Vagapov)
The ballad of the time (A.Vagapov)
We were to meet... (A.Vagapov)
In my soul (A.Vagapov)
I have two selves in me (A.Vagapov)
Make a bridge on the occasion... (A.Vagapov)
The silly dream (A.Vagapov)
Iím feeling shivery again... (A.Vagapov)
What the hell, you viper... (A.Vagapov)
I am on the job (A.Vagapov)
The song of the criminal code (A.Vagapov)
My own island (A.Vagapov)
Suddenly our trodden ways must part... (A.Vagapov)
The ballad of a bath-house (A.Vagapov)
If you are in a strange land at night (A.Vagapov)
My sorrow wonít fade (A.Vagapov)
Well, now, my hands donít shake at all... (A.Vagapov)
Up to the mountain height (A.Vagapov)
Iíll answer all your questions (A.Vagapov)
The masks (A.Vagapov)
The letter (A.Vagapov)
When by the rhymes and poems... (A.Vagapov)
In the beginning there was a Word (A.Vagapov)
I am fated to argue to very last day... (A.Vagapov)

O Seven (P.Struwwel)
Bolshoi Karetniy (P.Struwwel)
Misfortune (P.Struwwel)
Mass Graves (P.Struwwel)
Variations on Gypsy Songs (P.Struwwel)
Summit (P.Struwwel)
In yellow, hot Africa (P.Struwwel)
Fastidious Stallions (P.Struwwel)
The Ships (P.Struwwel)
Lyrical (P.Struwwel)
Moscow to Odessa (P.Struwwel)
On Rumors (P.Struwwel)
Song about a Friend (P.Struwwel)
Song About the Land (P.Struwwel)
Song about reincarnation (P.Struwwel)
About a dead friend (P.Struwwel)
Lady Mountain Climber (P.Struwwel)
Morning Gymnastics (P.Struwwel)
I donít love (P.Struwwel)
Agent 007 (P.Struwwel)
The People All Grumbled and Grumbled... (P.Struwwel)
Ballad of a Short Neck (P.Struwwel)
Bottle of White (P.Struwwel)
In a Restautant (P.Struwwel)
Into the cold, into the cold... (P.Struwwel)
They Say a Nice Guy was Arrested (P.Struwwel)
Give the dogs some meat (P.Struwwel)
Description of Leningrad (P.Struwwel)
Katherine (P.Struwwel)
Marathon (P.Struwwel)
My Friend Left for Magadan (P.Struwwel)
Weíre Turning the Earth (P.Struwwel)
She was in Paris (P.Struwwel)
On the Neutral Strip (P.Struwwel)
Not me, I left Russia (P.Struwwel)
Wolf-hunt (P.Struwwel)
Song of unease (P.Struwwel)
Song about automobile envy (P.Struwwel)
Story About my Platoon Sergeant (P.Struwwel)
Song About a Dead Flyer (P.Struwwel)
Song About a Snitch (P.Struwwel)
About Magadan (P.Struwwel)
Death of an Interceptor (P.Struwwel)
The one who didnít shoot (P.Struwwel)
The one who was with her before (P.Struwwel)
Penal Battalions (P.Struwwel)
Butyrskiy farmstead (P.Struwwel)

He was shot down in fighting (S.Roy)
Ships (S.Roy)
The White Silence (S.Roy)
The Storm Is Raging All the Night... (S.Roy)
The Ballad of an Abandoned Ship (S.Roy)
A Bride-Show (S.Roy)
Comrade scientists!.. (S.Roy)
A Song about a Wild Boar (S.Roy)
On Fatal Dates And Figures (S.Roy)
The Tightrope (S.Roy)
A Singer at the Microphone (S.Roy)
Song of a Microphone (S.Roy)
Someone Elseís Rut (S.Roy)
The Pacerís Race (S.Roy)
I Have Quit My Old Job (S.Roy)
My Hamlet (S.Roy)
The Ballad of Childhood (S.Roy)
Bath-hut (S.Roy)
A Song about Time (S.Roy)
A Ballad about Struggle (S.Roy)
Two Fates (S.Roy)
Itís My Fate, to Fight on to the End... (S.Roy)
A Song about My Fate (S.Roy)
A Stupid Dream (S.Roy)
Those Big Dark Eyes-I. The Chase (S.Roy)
Those Big Dark Eyes-II. The Old House (S.Roy)
My gypsy Song (S.Roy)
Highwaymanís Song (S.Roy)
The Domes (S.Roy)
Stopped Mid Flight (S.Roy)
The Song of a Goner (S.Roy)
Chances (S.Roy)
A Parable of Truth and Lie (S.Roy)
I Am Awake... (S.Roy)
In Memory of Vasily Shukshin (S.Roy)
Apples of Paradise (S.Roy)
How I Will End... (S.Roy)
A Ballad about Love (S.Roy)
I Love You Here and Now... (S.Roy)
Ice Down Below, Ice Up Above... (S.Roy)

A Heaven In Hell (T.Vardomskaya)
We Would Fly Up Like Geese... (T.Vardomskaya)
The Ballad of Departing for Heaven (T.Vardomskaya)
The Singer at the Microphone (T.Vardomskaya)
The Earth (T.Vardomskaya)
Darkness Ahead (T.Vardomskaya)
Song About A Downed Airman (T.Vardomskaya)
Thereís A Rock On The Plain (T.Vardomskaya)
The Tightrope Walker (T.Vardomskaya)
The Neutral Zone (T.Vardomskaya)
White Waltz (T.Vardomskaya)
The Silver Strings (T.Vardomskaya)
I Believe in Friends Still (T.Vardomskaya)
Often and well beloved are the fair (T.Vardomskaya)
She Had Been To Paris (T.Vardomskaya)
So Many Wonders... (T.Vardomskaya)
I Have Left Russia... (T.Vardomskaya)
Song of the High Jumper (T.Vardomskaya)
Song of the Pacer (T.Vardomskaya)
Song of the Microphone (T.Vardomskaya)
Battle Ballad (T.Vardomskaya)
Black Great-Coats (T.Vardomskaya)
Moscow - Odessa (T.Vardomskaya)
Lyrical (T.Vardomskaya)
White Silence (T.Vardomskaya)
Private Borisov (T.Vardomskaya)
Give The Hungry Dogs Meat (T.Vardomskaya)
What Can I Say About The Day We Met (T.Vardomskaya)
The Chase (T.Vardomskaya)
The Old House (T.Vardomskaya)
The Ballad of Love (T.Vardomskaya)
Fires Over The Land (T.Vardomskaya)
Are We Locked?.. (T.Vardomskaya)
Now In The Night... (T.Vardomskaya)
Ships (T.Vardomskaya)
This Is Not The Plain (T.Vardomskaya)
Song of a Friend (T.Vardomskaya)
Man Overboard (T.Vardomskaya)
I Do Not Like (T.Vardomskaya)

The Grief (L.Purgina)
The Friend (L.Purgina)
Hadnít returned from the battle (L.Purgina)
Save Our Souls (L.Purgina)
The Storks (L.Purgina)
The March of Antopodes (L.Purgina)
I donít like (L.Purgina)
Iíve passed half a world... (L.Purgina)
The foolish dream (L.Purgina)
The ballad about time (L.Purgina)
A Singer at the Microphone (L.Purgina)
From the road diary (L.Purgina)
The shooting of the mountain echo (L.Purgina)
The stars (L.Purgina)
The death of the fighter (L.Purgina)
He, who was with her before (L.Purgina)
The day is rare... (L.Purgina)
The Great Karetny (L.Purgina)
The penalty battalion (L.Purgina)
The common graves (L.Purgina)
Hereís not a plain surface... (L.Purgina)
Rock-climber-girl (L.Purgina)
Farewell to mountains (L.Purgina)
Ships (L.Purgina)
The crystal house (L.Purgina)
The song about new time (L.Purgina)
Theyíre - eight (L.Purgina)
The song about the Earth (L.Purgina)
We had suffered from war and hunger... (L.Purgina)
To pieces... (L.Purgina)
The song of Geratshenko (L.Purgina)
Your own isle (L.Purgina)
The duet of the parted ones (L.Purgina)
Boarding (L.Purgina)
The travel story (L.Purgina)
And there in a gloomy land... (L.Purgina)

The spring is just beginning... (A.Kneller)
Iím working, with my knife in hand... (A.Kneller)
He whoís been with her before (A.Kneller)
Silver strings (A.Kneller)
Brotherly graves (A.Kneller)
Song about the hospital (A.Kneller)
Song About the Mental Clinic (A.Kneller)
Debris remaining from the crown... (A.Kneller)
Farewell (A.Kneller)
Song about a friend (A.Kneller)
Parting with mountains (A.Kneller)
With some time, all let go... (A.Kneller)
My friends light up the candles... (A.Kneller)
Letter before battle (A.Kneller)
Morning workout (A.Kneller)
Lyrical song (A.Kneller)
I hate (A.Kneller)
Lyrical song of the mountain (A.Kneller)
A visit from the Muse (A.Kneller)
On fatal dates and figures (A.Kneller)
Fastidious horses (A.Kneller)
The honor of the chess crown: Training (A.Kneller)
The honor of the chess crown: Match (A.Kneller)
You may find it strange... (A.Kneller)
My Hamlet (A.Kneller)
Unfinished flight (A.Kneller)
Someone elseís rut (A.Kneller)
The parable about the Truth and the Lie (A.Kneller)
The nature reserve (A.Kneller)
The Tavern (A.Kneller)
The pretty ones are dearly loved... (A.Kneller)
Iíd never be fooled... (A.Kneller)
All bridges burnt... (A.Kneller)

Save Our Souls! (V.Chistyakov)
He has not returned from a battle (V.Chistyakov)
Song about Russia (V.Chistyakov)
A Restouraut Talk (V.Chistyakov)
The bride will sob me out (V.Chistyakov)
Hey, chauffeur... (V.Chistyakov)
Throw to dogs some meat rags (V.Chistyakov)
Stubborn Horses (V.Chistyakov)
Monologue About Leningrad Blockade (V.Chistyakov)
Yesterday we had a calm play (V.Chistyakov)
In our circle... (V.Chistyakov)
Romance (V.Chistyakov)
A lizard-lassitude crawls over my breast (V.Chistyakov)
The candles being lighted every evening (V.Chistyakov)
Still itís disappointing... (V.Chistyakov)
Thick smoke... (V.Chistyakov)
All Have Gone To the Front (V.Chistyakov)
Upland Song (V.Chistyakov)
I Will Come Back (V.Chistyakov)
Mountain Top (V.Chistyakov)
The Silver Strings (V.Chistyakov)
Song about the Earth (V.Chistyakov)
Buid a Bridge (V.Chistyakov)
Someone sighted a fruit (V.Chistyakov)
Mother of Mine Begins to Cry (V.Chistyakov)
A Song about My Sergeant-major (V.Chistyakov)
Quite the same it stays... (V.Chistyakov)
A Song of Anxiety (V.Chistyakov)

Domes (V.Chetin)
Bath hut, the "white" way (V.Chetin)
The Ballad of Love (V.Chetin)
Variations on Gypsy Songs (V.Chetin)
A Lyric Song (V.Chetin)
An Alien Rut (V.Chetin)
Horses Unruly (V.Chetin)
Killed in Action (V.Chetin)
On Fatal Numerology (V.Chetin)
Ballad of fighting (V.Chetin)
Ballad of Childhood (V.Chetin)
Two Fates (V.Chetin)
An Abortive Flight (V.Chetin)
Wolf Hunting (V.Chetin)
Ballad of Time (V.Chetin)
My Hamlet (V.Chetin)
On Foreign Affairs (V.Chetin)
A letter by Kanatchikov farm patients (V.Chetin)
About Vacha river (V.Chetin)
The Antialcoholic song (V.Chetin)
The Woe (V.Chetin)

The monument (Navrozov)
Meet the bride (Navrozov)
Skull and crossbones (Navrozov)
Of the sea (Navrozov)
Two scruffy ships (Navrozov)
The candles are melting... (Navrozov)
Chances (Navrozov)
A soldierís song (Navrozov)
4 verse limericks (Navrozov)
The chess crown contest: Training (Navrozov)
The chess crown contest: The match (Navrozov)
Dialogue in front of the TV-set (Navrozov)
Comrade scientists (Navrozov)
A long drawn out jump (Navrozov)
Evening storm (Navrozov)
I walked out of a fine deal (Navrozov)
The ballad of the short neck (Navrozov)
Condemned to life (Navrozov)
The departure for paradise (Navrozov)
Whoís racing after what? (Navrozov)

To Go to the Bottom (H.Tjalsma)
Write me a Letter, Lads (H.Tjalsma)
That evening I didnít drink (H.Tjalsma)
The Red-Haired Broad (H.Tjalsma)
On Great Karetny Lane (H.Tjalsma)
If I was rich as the king of the sea (H.Tjalsma)
In No-Manís Land (H.Tjalsma)
Parody of a Bad Detective Story (H.Tjalsma)
About a Sentimental Boxer (H.Tjalsma)
About a Wild Boar (H.Tjalsma)
Concerning Evil Spirits (H.Tjalsma)
Ice Sheet (H.Tjalsma)
The Crescent Beach Is No More (H.Tjalsma)
And people keep murmuring (H.Tjalsma)
On the Death of Shukshin (H.Tjalsma)
Wolf Hunt (H.Tjalsma)
Bathhouse Blues (H.Tjalsma)
The Horizon (H.Tjalsma)
He was a surgeon... (H.Tjalsma)
Dialogue (H.Tjalsma)

Mountain-climbing girl (S.Elnitsky)
Moscow to Odessa (S.Elnitsky)
07 (S.Elnitsky)
The sentimental boxerís song (S.Elnitsky)
The weightlifter (S.Elnitsky)
To sink to the bottom (S.Elnitsky)
Magadan (S.Elnitsky)
Be thankful (S.Elnitsky)
The line (S.Elnitsky)
The Museís visit (S.Elnitsky)
Theyíre buried in our memories... (S.Elnitsky)
The air-streams (S.Elnitsky)
A song about rumors (S.Elnitsky)
Itís all behind me... (S.Elnitsky)
Bodaibo (S.Elnitsky)
Donít take me away from the spring (S.Elnitsky)
My fiancťe, surely... (S.Elnitsky)
Tell me why, you harlot... (S.Elnitsky)
Red and blue and mauve and green... (S.Elnitsky)
Bolshoi Karetnyi (S.Elnitsky)

Coming Home (A.Sokolov)
Naked ice (A.Sokolov)
A military hospital (A.Sokolov)
Apples from the gardens of Eden (A.Sokolov)
Yogis (A.Sokolov)
Common Graves (A.Sokolov)
Short Track Speedskater (A.Sokolov)
Archaeology Student (A.Sokolov)
Physics March (A.Sokolov)
Stars (A.Sokolov)
Rock Climberette (A.Sokolov)
Your Friend (A.Sokolov)
The Top (A.Sokolov)
Good Bye, Mountains (A.Sokolov)
Haunted House (A.Sokolov)
March Of Astro Villains (A.Sokolov)
Horror And Dread (A.Sokolov)

Horses so fastidious (A.Spiridonov)
Oh, where was I last night? (A.Spiridonov)
My Gypsy song (A.Spiridonov)
That one, who had not shot (A.Spiridonov)
The song about informant (A.Spiridonov)
She was in Paris (A.Spiridonov)
As for the meeting... (A.Spiridonov)
Song about stars (A.Spiridonov)
Ships will idle a bit (A.Spiridonov)
Itís not a flat plateau (A.Spiridonov)
Giraffe (A.Spiridonov)
The game is far from being over (A.Spiridonov)
Russian sauna (A.Spiridonov)
Alpina girl (A.Spiridonov)
I loved many women and adventures (A.Spiridonov)
The Bermudas Triangle (A.Spiridonov)
Cloudy girl (A.Spiridonov)

Shooter (E.Koshelev)
Soil (E.Koshelev)
Wolf hunt (E.Koshelev)
The Lyrical Song (E.Koshelev)
He has not returned from the fight (E.Koshelev)
Robin Hood (E.Koshelev)
What happened in Africa (E.Koshelev)
Song of reincarnation (E.Koshelev)
My gypsy song (E.Koshelev)
A ballad about the struggle (E.Koshelev)
Before the trip (E.Koshelev)
One who was with her before (E.Koshelev)
When water of the Flood... (E.Koshelev)
Kook (E.Koshelev)
My dear Vanya (E.Koshelev)
Races (E.Koshelev)

Storks (I.Shambat)
The Cupolas (I.Shambat)
Mountain echo (I.Shambat)
White waltz (I.Shambat)
Uncontrollable Horses (I.Shambat)
Ballad about love (I.Shambat)
Unfinished Flight (I.Shambat)
Microphone (I.Shambat)
Ships (I.Shambat)
Others Will Finish (I.Shambat)
Hunt on Wolves (I.Shambat)
We are turning the Earth (I.Shambat)
Antisemites (I.Shambat)
Bath (I.Shambat)
Ballad of Childhood (I.Shambat)
In The Sleep - Yellow Lights (I.Shambat)

House of crystal (A.Tikhomirov)
The guy who was with her before (A.Tikhomirov)
If a friend (A.Tikhomirov)
Farewell to mountains (A.Tikhomirov)
White silence (A.Tikhomirov)
Mass graves of War (A.Tikhomirov)
The one who did not shoot (A.Tikhomirov)
Chas-toushki (A.Tikhomirov)
Half the world (A.Tikhomirov)
Lyrical song (A.Tikhomirov)
Yesterday (A.Tikhomirov)
Someoneís track (A.Tikhomirov)
My gypsy song (A.Tikhomirov)
Every night (A.Tikhomirov)
Why did they eat Captain Cook? (A.Tikhomirov)

Itís the same thing after 10 years (N.Tkach)
In the far-away galaxy of Tau-Whale (N.Tkach)
I donít like (N.Tkach)
Open doors... (N.Tkach)
Song about a friend (N.Tkach)
Tin soldiers (N.Tkach)
What happened in Africa (N.Tkach)
The tightrope-walker (N.Tkach)
A ballad about the struggle (N.Tkach)
A hunt on wolves (N.Tkach)
Fastidious horses (N.Tkach)
Save our souls (N.Tkach)
The horizon (N.Tkach)
My gypsy song (N.Tkach)

The Leningrad Blockade (M.Allen)
Seriozhka Fomin (M.Allen)
My Friend Has Left For Magadan (M.Allen)
God Willing (M.Allen)
A Letter from Workers in Tambov (M.Allen)
My guitar (M.Allen)
You and I (M.Allen)
Vassiliev and Petrov ZE-KA (M.Allen)
The ships are waiting (M.Allen)
What I donít like (M.Allen)
Jaundiced ballad on Canadian hockey (M.Allen)
If there could be vodka for one (M.Allen)
The envious one (M.Allen)
Where, Oh Where Will They Send Me (M.Allen)
Poem about a sane man in a mental asylum (M.Allen)
The criminal code (M.Allen)
Antisemites (M.Allen)
Eh There, Taxi Driver... (M.Allen)
Oh, get me a ticket to Monte Carlo... (M.Allen)
And the people were grumbling... (M.Allen)
The wolf hunt (M.Allen)

Unruly horses (K.Hamilton)
Common graves (K.Hamilton)
How I detest... (K.Hamilton)
Wolf hunt (K.Hamilton)
Masks (K.Hamilton)
Song of a Begrudger (K.Hamilton)
The Memorial (K.Hamilton)
Lyricale (K.Hamilton)
The Shooting of the Mountain Echo (K.Hamilton)
We turn the world (K.Hamilton)
Friendship (K.Hamilton)

Ballad of the Abandoned Ship (E.Derbarmdiker)
The Prophet Cassandra (E.Derbarmdiker)
Prehistoric Love (E.Derbarmdiker)
Childhood Ballad (E.Derbarmdiker)
Iím "Yak", the fighter (E.Derbarmdiker)
Fatal Numerology (E.Derbarmdiker)
About Captain James Cook (E.Derbarmdiker)
Bodaibo (E.Derbarmdiker)
I was mixed up with a bad company... (E.Derbarmdiker)
The siege of Leningrad (E.Derbarmdiker)

Save Our Souls! (G.Elrod)
Song belong to Hitlerís soldiers (G.Elrod)
Jail mates daydreams (G.Elrod)
He did not return from the fight (G.Elrod)
ďYakĒ - the fighter (G.Elrod)
Morning Gymnastics (G.Elrod)
Petition to TV program (G.Elrod)
Why did aborigines ate captain Cook? (G.Elrod)
Song About the Reincarnation (G.Elrod)
The ballad of Love (G.Elrod)

The Parrotís Song (Farndon+Nakston)
Stubborn horses (Farndon+Nakston)
A Song about guns (Farndon+Nakston)
A City Romance (Farndon+Nakston)
The Wolf Hunt (Farndon+Nakston)
Hunting from Helicopters (Farndon+Nakston)
He Has Not Come Back from the Fight (Farndon+Nakston)
The Crown Is Smashed to Smithereens (Farndon+Nakston)
Ice below and Ice above (Farndon+Nakston)
To the Cold (Farndon+Nakston)

All went to the front (A.Yanishevsky)
Ballad about Childhood (A.Yanishevsky)
Common graves (A.Yanishevsky)
He didnít return from the fight (A.Yanishevsky)
Our sons go off to war (A.Yanishevsky)
We clung to the heights (A.Yanishevsky)
Here spruces (A.Yanishevsky)
Each night (A.Yanishevsky)

Anotherís lane (A.Lvovsky)
White silence (A.Lvovsky)
Tightrope walker (A.Lvovsky)
Song about the Earth (A.Lvovsky)
Good religion created by the Hindus (A.Lvovsky)
He didnít return from the fight (A.Lvovsky)
Pilotís song (A.Lvovsky)
Ballad about battle (A.Lvovsky)

Tattoo (I.Yakubovich)
Where Was I Last Night? (I.Yakubovich)
The Foreign House (I.Yakubovich)
My Gypsy Song (I.Yakubovich)
Her Lover From the Past (I.Yakubovich)
No Manís Land (I.Yakubovich)
He Hasnít Come Back From the War (I.Yakubovich)
A Song About the Earth (I.Yakubovich)

Blue Island (M.Tubinshlak)
The Plagiaristís Song (M.Tubinshlak)
The Gypsy Song (M.Tubinshlak)
Be Thankful (M.Tubinshlak)
Lyrical Song (M.Tubinshlak)
Through the mist (M.Tubinshlak)
No Prophets (M.Tubinshlak)
Museís Visit (M.Tubinshlak)

The March of the Miners
A Song About Yogis
On the Chase
If Only Vodka Was Just For One Man
Bridal Show
The City Blocked Its Ears Up
Police Protocol

Five hundred (A.Tolkachev)
You could be driving... (A.Tolkachev)
I dash, I push... (A.Tolkachev)
In a game preserve... (A.Tolkachev)
Take a deep breath... (A.Tolkachev)
My gypsy song (A.Tolkachev)
In the white hot Africa... (A.Tolkachev)

Unruly horses (A.Todd)
Unruly horses (A.Todd)
♫⌇Hunting of the wolves (A.Todd)
♫⌇Bathhouse (A.Todd)
I never believed in mirages (A.Todd)
And ice below... (A.Todd)

Grace or a blessing (A.Erlinger)
Immaculate conception (A.Erlinger)
A romance that never happened (A.Erlinger)
About the devil (A.Erlinger)
Apples of paradise (A.Erlinger)
Victim of television (A.Erlinger)

Weekend escape barbecue (B.Kízorin)
Ballad about heading heaven (B.Kízorin)
Career criminal (B.Kízorin)
The Dodo Birdís song (B.Kízorin)
The Song About Two Beautiful Cars (B.Kízorin)
Singer at the microphone (B.Kízorin)

Lyricale (T.Beavitt)
Whoíll come a hunting for the wolf? (T.Beavitt)
The Cupolas in Russia (T.Beavitt)
It isnít over until itís over (T.Beavitt)
He hasnít returned from the battle (T.Beavitt)
Ballad of the free archers (T.Beavitt)

Wolf Hunt (B.McCone)
I love you now (B.McCone)
Heat the Banya (B.McCone)
Song About A Friend (B.McCone)
Heís Not Back From The War (B.McCone)
Life Flew (B.McCone)

He Did Not Return from Battle (D.Kotler)
Mass Graves (D.Kotler)
A Ballade about Love (D.Kotler)
A Microphoneís Song (D.Kotler)
The Song of a Jealous Neighbor (D.Kotler)

Into the grave (A.Kapellan)
A parable about the Truth and a Lie (A.Kapellan)
Paradise apples (A.Kapellan)
Everybody comes back (A.Kapellan)
I love you while it lasts... (A.Kapellan)

The dream (J.Doughty)
Song of reincarnation (J.Doughty)
My gypsy song (J.Doughty)
He didnít return from the battle (J.Doughty)
Carrollís song (J.Doughty)

Someone Spotted a Fruit... (E.Weinstein)
Where are you, wolves? (E.Weinstein)
Song About Earth (E.Weinstein)
Ballad of the Free Archers (E.Weinstein)
The tightrope walker (E.Weinstein)

Clamberine (T.Moore)
Great Coach Lane (T.Moore)
This Guy Who Used To Go With Her (T.Moore)
He Didnít Make It Back (T.Moore)
Notes from Underwater (T.Moore)

Hello, my comrades... (E.Leitman)
Scary as hell (E.Leitman)
Ballad about flowers (E.Leitman)
Sharpshooter and the beast (E.Leitman)
Curving Shore is gone for good... (E.Leitman)

The wise prince Oleg... (V.Gurvich)
Where I was yesterday... (V.Gurvich)
Down with snakes!.. (V.Gurvich)
Family problems in ancient Rome (V.Gurvich)
Shifman Mike (V.Gurvich)

He didnít return from the mission (O.Eyrich)
The Sail (O.Eyrich)
Itís not yet over (O.Eyrich)
The Unfriendly Rut (O.Eyrich)
If a friend lets you doubt about (O.Eyrich)

≣⍁Dialogue in Front of the TV (G.Smith)
≣⍁The Lady Nark (G.Smith)
≣⍁The Professionals (G.Smith)
Iím fed up to the throat... (G.Smith)
a.m. P.T. (G.Smith)

A Bath-hut, Made in White
A Hymn to the Sea and Mountains
A Letter
A Song about a White Elephant
Church Domes

Iím Undressing! Itís Hot! (R.Amos)
So many great men... (R.Amos)
The Monday Song (R.Amos)
The command was "No Surrender!" (R.Amos)
In a restaurant (R.Amos)

Black Marines Jackets
The Summit
Theyíre Eight Now, We Are Two
The Police Report
Ungovernable Horses

The song of depressed man (D.Bryushkov)
The ballad about escape to haven (D.Bryushkov)
The hope (D.Bryushkov)
Through some meat to the dogs (D.Bryushkov)
Itís time to go... (D.Bryushkov)

It was so (I.Sedova)
Fastidious Horses (I.Sedova)
Hello Comrades Scientists (I.Sedova)
The Ballad of Love (I.Sedova)

The Ballad of Time (P.Shostak)
The Black Gold (P.Shostak)
In The Darkness (P.Shostak)
The Incident at a Restaurant (P.Shostak)

Ballad about Love (M.Jouravel)
The Lyrical Song (M.Jouravel)
The Fastidious Horses (M.Jouravel)
Our Sons Leave For The War (M.Jouravel)

Urban romance (I.Vinarsky)
This was no affair... (I.Vinarsky)
Of our meeting... (I.Vinarsky)
I hadnít struck a woman... (I.Vinarsky)

Trip into the past (B.Everett)
Where are you, wolves? (B.Everett)
Romance (B.Everett)
Stars (B.Everett)

Pirateís Song (D.Sivan)
Condemned to Life (D.Sivan)
Pilotís Song (D.Sivan)
"Corsair" (D.Sivan)

Flight Interrupted (E.Sakirski)
Fires (E.Sakirski)
Horizon (E.Sakirski)
The Tattoo (E.Sakirski)

The Montenegrins (E.Sarkisyants)
Spirited Horses (E.Sarkisyants)
The Ballad of Love (E.Sarkisyants)
Lyrical (E.Sarkisyants)

Tsunami (V.Khazansky)
Farewell to the mountains (V.Khazansky)
Mass Graves (V.Khazansky)

Tightrope Walker (B.Gendelev)
Aborted Flight (B.Gendelev)
Song of an Antisemite (B.Gendelev)

The guy that used to be her guy (H.Sleurink)
Where are they now, your 17 years? (H.Sleurink)
The singer facing the microphone (H.Sleurink)

The wolf hunt (J.ōverli)
Cupola (J.ōverli)
I shall never like it (J.ōverli)

Song About Perished Friend (A.Troitsky)
Horses (A.Troitsky)
I donít like (A.Troitsky)

♫⌇The storks (J.Hutchings)
♫⌇A song about a friend (J.Hutchings)
♫⌇Ships (J.Hutchings)

A Sketch About Leningrad (A.Laskavtsev)
Lyrical (A.Laskavtsev)
A Song Of The Cheshire Cat (A.Laskavtsev)

I donít like
In a noxious county...
The mountain echo

Song about a friend
Wolf Hunt
Alpine Angel

Mishka Shifman
Letter from a Tashkent fruit seller
The Bermuda Triangle

Cheshire Catís song
Visitation from a muse
Parable about Truth and Lie

About our meeting
I donít like
And the ice from below...

The ships
≣♫He didnít come back from the battle
The song of Mary

Song About a Friend (T.Sergay)
Save Our Souls! (T.Sergay)

Among candles so peaceful... (R.Gallego)
I am the Fighter (R.Gallego)

Private Borisov (J.Deshtor)
Mountain Echo (J.Deshtor)

Ships (E.Negnevitsky)
♫⌇A Train Companion (E.Negnevitsky)

Song About a Friend (Y.Sokolovskiy)
Farewell to the Mountains (Y.Sokolovskiy)

Fastidious horses (S.Altshuller)
The one whoís been with her before (S.Altshuller)

Sail (R.Arslanov)
My gypsy song (R.Arslanov)

The song about friend (V.Kontrovsky)
Outlows ballad (V.Kontrovsky)

The tale of the wild boar (A.Zaigraeva)
She has been to Paris (A.Zaigraeva)

Kissing the banner... (D.Yefremov)
I loved women... (D.Yefremov)

The Penal Code (S.Volokh)
Leningrad blockade (S.Volokh)

Wolf Hunt (A.Bochman)
Capricious Horses (A.Bochman)

Ballad about Love (E.Fuchs)
Ballad about Hatred (E.Fuchs)

The Fatal Poets (D.Pleshivykh)
I love to hate! (D.Pleshivykh)

Itís my fate till the end... (O.Dimov)
Capricious horses (O.Dimov)

For professional players... (I.Roşca)
Raise your hands... (I.Roşca)

The love ballad (K.Nedelkina)
Iíll for sure return (K.Nedelkina)

Brothers Grave (R.Young)
Give some meat to the dogs (R.Young)

The Penal Code (I.Feiskhanov)
Parable About Truth (I.Feiskhanov)

A letter to "Obvious is incredible" (Z.Karlova)
Lyric (Z.Karlova)

The Lyrical Song (I.Skryagin)
Rumours run the show about Russia... (I.Skryagin)

I was carrying all my bad... (D.Abgaryan)
Itís every evening... (D.Abgaryan)

Throw Meat To The Dogs (R.McKane)
It Was A Mistake (R.McKane)

≣⍁I do not like (S.Nikulina)
≣⍁With their errant smiles... (S.Nikulina)

My gypsy song
Anxiety Song

Song about a friend
Spirited Horses

My gypsious
The Sail

Apples from the Garden of Eden
Song of YAK, the fighter-jet

Letís save a boy
Kingís procession

I love you now
The crystal house

Mass Graves
Farewell to the mountains

Children of the Books
A game of cards on the table

The people muttered
If I had been physically weak

My hands have stopped shaking now
Here you were, Jack

Wolf hunting

Silver Strings
Into cold

Odd Tapdance
The Goalkeeper

From both below the ice...
A Banya Of White

I do not like... (Y.Shapiro)
A white-steam bath (Y.Shapiro)

Saying goodbye to mountains
Song about notes

I never like... (I.Samokhin)
I donít like! (Y.Sitnyakovsky)
I Donít Like (L.Yasser)
I Donít Like (A.Leaving)
I do not like (D.Chemankov)
I donít like (E.Sheverdinova)
I cannot stand... (L.Voskobojnikova)
I do not like... (A.Orozobekova)
I do not like... (A.Asaturyan)
I do not like (M.Mechtiev)
I Do Not Love (A.Nelson)
I donít love (S.Stoev)
I donít prefer (D.Potikha)
The Lyrical Song (G.Gurarie)
Lyrical Song (M.Braslavsky)
Lyric Song (S.Dolgushina)
Lyrical Song (D.Bek-Lemeshev)
♫⌇Fir Needle Paws (I.Avrutin)
A song about a friend (S.Katz)
Song about a friend (W.Comer)
Song about a friend (A.Tonkonogaya)
Song about a friend (D.Berger)
A song about a friend (Z.Gesina)
Capricious Horses (M.Cost)
Capricious Horses (L.Tavi)
Capricious Horses (D.Causey)
Capricious Horses (M.Ryklin)
Horses (D.Shyroka)
Temperamental Horses (D.Yakobi)
Capricious Horses (E.Brown)
White silence (D.Karabash)
White Silence (N.Moseman)
White Silence (A.Humenyuk)
This dimness... (A.Shamarova)
A Glass of Wine (A.Mirny)
So smoky (V.Carbone)
What happened in Africa (V.Baranovsky)
The Giraffe (Z.Dashevsky)
Katherine (V.Skliarov)
Katherine (O.Mona)
He has not come back from the combat (S.Andreev)
He Didnít Come Back From The Battle (V.Fursov)
The Green Spirit (N.Dunina)
About genie (M.Feigin)
A ballad about love (S.Gulin)
The Ballad of Love (S.Rakhimova)
A Song about a Scapegoat (B.Phinney)
In a wilderndess... (I.Kouper)
A woman wasnít ever beaten by me (R.Khusnutdinov)
Didnít hit women till I was 17 (P.Geller)
Variations on Gypsy Themes (P.Marton)
Variations on Gypsy Themes (A.Andriasov)
My Gypsy Romance (B.Dralyuk)
These arenít the plains (M.Hrabrov)
This isnít the valley... (V.Lynd)
Bathhouse in White (L.Min)
Heat Up The Banya For Me (S.Osankin)
Hurry up!.. (Sukharev)
Ballad of Hate (A.Stenin)
I Love You Now (B.Fabritz)
Sharpshooter (L.Simonova)
The Ballad of Time (O.Roderik)
The Storm raves on (J.Woodsworth)
Half an hour ítil warfare (A.Landa)
Tattoo (F.Kriulin)
For Shukshinís memory (L.Slowman)
Soldiers of the "Center" (E.Ricciardi)
The sail (N.Danilishina)
Train to Walsall (J.Barlow)
Tunnel (M.McMahon)
Hey, Driver (A.Glikin-Gusinsky)
Masks (D.Verzhbovsky)
They light me candles... (T.Walquist)
She was in Paris (S.Leane)
Brothersí graves (J.Shevtsov)
Iím fed up to my teeth... (Nakhimovsky)
Save our souls! (R.Kallsen)
Sacred Domes (A.Balagutin)
Eternal Sadness (A.Qualin)
Apples Of Paradise (Schreck+Sharipzhanov)
Farewell To The Mountains (Y.Shabanova)
Children of the Books (E.Garrett)
You are my mountainclimber (P.Karayel)
So it happened, the men rode away (N.Belenkaya)
Bathhouse (R.Jones)
I live in the best of all worlds... (C.Williams)
I have shown my emotions in vain... (Parish+Ryazanov)
Ballad of the free archers (M.Vayngrib)
One who used to be with her (G.Sitko)
I went out of business (A.Chelyuskin)
When I relax and play (L.An)
Helicopter hunting (V.Lagutkin)
The sunset glimmered as a blade (J.Bazhin)
Hunting for the wolves (M.Kushanov)
A gypsy song (M.Dubrovsky)
Morning Exercise (A.Burry)

The squeamish steeds
Capricious horses
♫⌇Temperamental Horses
I Do Not Like
The Lyrical Song
♫⌇The Lyrical Song
He didnít come back from the battle
He Did Not Return From Battle
Variations on Gypsy Themes
All is wrong!
Hunt for a wolves
The Hunting for wolves
Song about friend
Song about a friend
Song about a friend
Morning Gymnastics
Morning Gymnastics
The Ballad of the fight
Ballad about the fight
Ballad of Strife
The Grief
As I Was Carrying my Bane
Why savages ate captain Cook
Why did Aborigines eat Cook?
Save Our Souls!
Save our souls
Sheís been to Paris
She was in Paris
She was in Paris
Ivan the Jerk and the Immortal Devil-Tsar
Fairy tale about unhappy personas
The anxiety song
Dear Program
Television broadcast, dear!
Ballad about Love
Ballad about Love
Itís not like the plains
The summit
♫⌇The summit
Horizont shines as daggers blade
Military song
An ice
The line
I was the soul of a base society
Hunting from helicopters
Each Evening...
Song About The Perished Pilot
≣⍁Someone spotted a fruit
Everybody left for the front
To poets
Yak fighter
It used to be like this
Song of a Fighter Pilot
About signs of the zodiac
I never have believed in mirages
I am opened at an any wheather...
Iím seized once more...
Where was I last night?..
A corsair
Paradise apples
Strangerís track
Narration about Paris
Dialogue near to TV-set
Brothersí grave
Us vs. Them
White Silence
Song about Volga
Song of Time
We rotate the world
Song of the Soulís Transmigration
Heaven in Hell
♫⌇They say I should be thankful Iím alive
Pirate Song
Song of the Stars
So it happened, men are gone
Zero Seven
Wooden robe
ņ chance meeting in a bar
Incident on the mine
In a Ward of Drug Addicts
Song about the Earth
She has everything of her own