If a friend that you just have met not a friend nor an foe, who knows When at times you still can not get, if heís good or heís bad Pull him up to the peaks - take a risk! Do not leave him alone at all Let him go in one bundle with you - You will see if heís good If the guy at the cliffs is weak If at once he breaks down - and down Makes a step on the ice - and dies Stumbles over - and cries - Itís a sign that the guy - wrong type, Lads like him you donít scold - let go Blokes like him they donít walk to the top and donít sing of this lot If he did not repine or whine, He was gloomy and rough but climbed And when down from the rocks you dropped Groaned, but - held at your rope! If he followed you right to fight At the top he looked drunk - so stunned then as much as you count on you You can trust - he is true
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012