All the years and ages and times in a row Everything tends to run from all blizzards and colds Why those birds are all bound to fly to the north, If the birds still can choose warmer south to go They donít need to become great and glorious. Now that under their wings itís not ice They will find their small birdieís happiness, a reward for their long daring flight. How come we could not sleep, what could happen to us? What would force us to go out and sail in rough seas? Yet, we didnít have a chance to observe polar lights Lights donít happen too often - expensive indeed! It is so silent. But the gulls dart like lightning. we feed them Emptiness out of hand To reward us for deafening quietness Will be definitely sound again It is so long that we had only our white dreams Snows washed out all the rest of the colors and tints We are totally blinded by those whitish beams To be cured when the black strip of land makes a glimpse Our throats will let out all the stillness Our weakness will melt like a shade. To reward us for long nights of hopelessness It will come - a never ending polar day. The North is a freedom, and hope, country that just never ends Pristine snow like a long life without telling lies. Ravens can not peck out our eyes from our faces It is only because ravens here donít fly for all those Who didnít take evil prophecies did not lie down in snow for a rest for all of those in reward for their loneliness There will be their someone their best
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012