Come on, I did not make it It drives me hot and cold One morning I was aimed at And shot by a Firing squad... My path so odd and wicked Would take me down to hell... I know the one who did it But not supposed to tell Praise my commander - he almost got me saved But someone else insisted all the same No one could help-and that was all my Fate... But there was a guy who did not aim My star was falling rapid Much earlier, in fact I got a German captive But could not bring him back So commissar Souetin A strange and restless guy All picked up with his pencil and put me on his file After a while he pulled it out and showed it in All his material, whatever he could find It was all done. I lost my chance to be But there was s guy, who did not fire The hand fell down after The stupid Order “Shoot!” My pass to go down - under To leave this world for good But hear: - Call he doctors! - The bastard - still alive - Yet, by the book of codes, You can not shoot him twice! My poor doctor was amazed - he clicked his tongue So many Bullets - and As he had them Picked I was delirious, was calling for the guy The guy, the one who did not shoot at me My wounds - I did not heal them I licked them like a dog, In hospitals was given Extreme respect by all, I had so much affection with female nursing staff - You, under-fired patient, Another shot is up! To the Crimea where my battalion was I sent glucose. I tried to make it sweet... To make a sweeter living for the bloke The bloke, the one - who did not shoot at me So having tea and coffee (And sometimes alcohol) My life - I have not lost it I just went on and on I met my head commander - Now fight! - That’s what I’m told - How come, you’re still around? - That’s not my bloody fault! I was so happy, but by the stump I sat I blamed my fate and like a dog I squealed A German sniper took me to the end He killed the guy who did not shoot at me
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012