Girly girly girlish tricks Missus, miss and other creatures Leave me for my memories In my heart some curly ticks Do you see, I am so cross All Iím thinking of is you Iím not a crippled from the war I am knocked by love, its true Come out to your Johnny, dear, Marys, Tanyas - the whole lot! Why are you standing like old women - White heads - dandelions of God! My stonemason boy, my dear He is strong and very sweet Once He brought me back from England plastic foam bra as a gift Our fashion lags behind. In Australia, my friends They are wearing these times Waists, 3 meters circumference I donít know what comes of this But in Denmark, at a glance Girls are dragged to a marriage office At their second date at once Back in France we are not lonely But in France we all love that Can get married ten times only, Without getting registered Let us do it dear Johnny We didnít make it for too long Why should we get up so early - Letís enjoy each other more! All again - a needleís eye Olga, Olga, very neat Bring at once to me - disabled Just a bit more and half of it On the way, at the crossroads A creaker wooed a youngster broad We All thought that he was joking But It turned out - he was not Well, my darling drank it all, Drank it Clean and now heís pissed It is coming therefore A world fuel crisis to all people Donít you boil, donít coil donít soil The crisis is about oil But We should be very wary it can come to alcohoil Just Look at you - one family As on public works On Sunday - Like godparents, really Or godchildren of each other
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012