Yesterday - where was I? I am not able to say. Just remember those walls with wallpaper Claudia was there though, and her other chick came I was kissing them both, “salt and pepper” As I woke up today They all started to tell That I scolded the hostess, scared all guests away As if I ran around naked And yelled songs after all A my father - I said was a true general. Then I ripped up my shirt, banged my fist at the chest, I accused all: they sold me, imposters! Did not give any guest a sole moment to rest - Still kept pestering them with my boring chords. Then I stopped drinking more Because I got too tired, Whacked and smashed on the floor Noble crystal and china Poured wine on the walls And their new coffee set Having opened the window Pushed it out at the end And no one would even dare to say a word against But then slowly recovered, them bastards! Piled up all over me, started twisting my hands And then finally they all could have some fun Who would spit in my face, poured vodka inside, And some dancer kicked me with his feet in the guts, But young widow, as she kept all true to her spouse, (It’s just once that we live) She was pitying me. Lots! I turned pale in the kitchen with my bruised face, Tried to show them, I am backing off, in fact “Set me loose” - so I shouted - “And that’s the end!” - They untied me, but hid all forks away What would start after that Is hard to even describe wonder where did I get In my hands so much might Like a wild wounded beast I smashed all I could see Knocked out all doors and windows And dropped down the balcony I won’t find in broad daylight where I was yesterday But remember those walls with wallpaper I was left with my face all in bruises again It s a shame for me now to go out anywhere If it’s all true, Well, at least a third of what they all lie One thing is left for sure: Just to lie down and die, It is so good that the widow could get over all this Felt a pity for me And took me in to live with.
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012