It is all my fault - my eyes are wet Iím groaning loud I got in a track of someone else So deep and round I always used to pick my goals Choose for myself And now, I am down this track alone And canít escape The edges are so smooth and steep This track wonít let me out of it All who cut it - Iím cursing them bad Soon, my patience, sure will snap, Iím declining this word like a school chap Whatís the track, whatís the heck, fucking track... Why can not I put with that I am a cheeky lad Conditions down in a track Are far from bad No hitting, pushing up the wall You canít complain! You Want to move ahead of all Of course, you can! There is plenty to drink and to eat In this cozy nice track down here And I was quick at convincing myself: Iím not the only one to get trapped Move ahead! Trust your will to the wheel! And youíll get to wherever all will! But someone shouted out of sense: - Now let me pass! - And started arguing with the track On a sheer chance In such a dispute he burned out The heat his soul once had Completely screwed up all his steel inserts and valves But yet he crumbled and crushed the track sides And the track then became a bit more wide But his trace now is lost and his pitch They are dragging him out to the ditch, So he canít hold us guys, at the back Driving by in someone elseís track I got a problem just as all: The starter stuck. Now I am not driving any more Itís really tough! It used to be - just push, get out, I donít feel apt But maybe someone will drive by - And pull my way... It is in vain that I am waiting for help This is got to be some strangerís track. wish I could spit back all rye and clay Quit the track and then go my own way And by deepening it from my side I killed hopes for all those behind And I broke out in cold sweat Right To the bone, I walked a little bit ahead By a wooden board I saw the edge was washed away By streams in Spring, There is a way out from the track - Salvation here! My tires spit all dirt and clay and a bit by bit - Iíll get away All you, rear! Repeat what I do! And this means that you canít follow on, The track is only for me, donít be fooled! You should find you a track of your own
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, 2012
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, 2012