Hunting other skirts is a bad idea Even when at times you break up loose Donít forget the seacoast of Australia And a famous seaman, captain Cook Sitting by the thicket of azaleas Every night, from dusk and till sunrise Wicked natives of this vast Australia were always busy eating their mates But who can say why Aborigines ate Cook The science is silent, canít read in books Come on! Itís way more simple than it looks! They all were hungry, and ate up Cook It was a call from their chief: Donít be a sook! There is a tasty shipís cook on the ship of Cook Mistake it was - thatís what the science overlooked! They wanted shipís cook, but ate up Cook! That was no dirty trick, itís all about food They tried to keep themselves as noiseless as they could They sneaked inside, and used a club of bamboo That someone took - so where is Cook? There is a different assumption I can add That Cook was eaten up for very high respect That their sorcerer jumped out of his nook, Yelped: Everybody, you seize up Cook! The one who eats him up without salt and dressing - Who? Will be as strong and healthy, kind a Captain Cook Somebody charged a rock, oh, bloody crook! There was no chance for poor captain Cook And now the savages would thrust their hands to heavens They keep on breaking their bows and breaking lances They smashed and burned that hapless club of bamboo They are remorseful they ate up Cook
But later still another twist unfolds The Aborigines didnít do it, after all That Captain Cook, was eaten in Hawaii In one of their states, not in Australia (of) Course, eating people nowadays is out of fashion Things were changing after European invasion Still since these old times and till now all their nation Feels very sorry for this occasion
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Translation, ?
© Alexei Tikhomirov. Performance, ?