Here old redwood branches tremble in the high winds, Here birdsí chirping sounds so anxious. You live in the wilderness spelled by a whim From which an escape would be hopeless... Let the bird cherry tree, like old sheets, wither down, Let the lilacís leaves fall off like raindrops. I will take you away from your hide-away town To the palace with the music of reed pipes! Your land, by the sorcererís hidden away, From anyoneís glancing, for ages. You fancy your forest the best place to stay - Enchanted, inspiring, gorgeous. Let the moon be at odds with the overcast sky, Let the leaves have no dew at this hour. All the same, from this wood, I will take you away To an oceanfront fairytale tower. Which day of the week and which glorious hour Will you come to me from your hiding? Then Iíll carry you far away in my arms To a place, where no one will find you. Iíll abduct you, if you would prefer it this way, Didnít I squander my life, vain and reckless? Please consent to the happiness under the sky, Should there be no tower or palace.
© Maya Jouravel. Translation, 2001