I was fond of nasty tricks and women, And at changing them I didnít draw the line. There were stories about my demeanor And the numerous love-affairs of mine. Way down south near the sea - I mean it - I was walking once along the road, And I encountered one of those women That in my life I came upon a lot. She was kind, a very generous creature, And as open-hearted as could be, She was nicely shaped, and had fine features, While I didnít have a coin about me. What she wanted were little presents, Such as brandy, golden rings, perfume. In return sheíd grant the little pleasure Of her dubious service, I presume. "If it comes to that, Iíll give you, honey, The most precious thing I have", she said. "I agree, - I said, - to pay ye a hundred, Otherwise, Iíll pool it with my friend." Women are like very angry horses, Bit between their teeth, theyíll wheeze and chafe... I mightíve got her wrong, she was ferocious, Made her farewell and left. Later on the passions had calmed down. She turned up, her anger shaken off. My impression was that now she found The price Iíd offered suitable enough.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1998