I happened to be walking around And I hurt two people by chance, They took me to militia grounds Where I saw her... and broke down at once. I knew not what on earth she was doing there, She was probably getting a pass. She was beautiful, lovely and fair... I decided to search out the lass. I just followed her, walking behind her, She wouldnít talk to a bully, I thought. Then I made up my mind to invite her To the nearest restaurant. Why not? As we walked people smiled at my pretty one, I was furious, my mind on the blink! I just smote the face of a weird man íCause he dared to give her a wink. She found the caviar delicious, And I didnít grudge the expense, I ordered smash hits to musicians, And the last tune they played was "The Cranes". I made promises, showing my feeling, I repeated one thing the whole night: "For five days I havenít been stealing, Believe me, my love at first sight." I said that my life had been ruined, Blew my nose and wiped tears from my eyes, And she said: "I believe you, yours truly, You can take me at a reasonable price." I slapped her on the face in despair, I was boiling like crazy inside. Now I knew what she really was doing there, In militia, my love at first sight.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1998