The birds are alarmed here, boding no good, The fur-trees are all of a tremble. You live in a magical mystery wood, To leave it you are unable. Though the cherry-trees dry their linen in space And the lilac-trees bloom over here, Iíll take you away to the Palace, - the place Where trumpets and pipes you will hear. The wizards have hidden your world from man For ages ahead, I imagine. You think that no other thing under the sun Is greater than this wood of magic. Though the dew drops at day-break do not leave the trace, Though the moon and the sky cause commotion, I shall take you away to the tower, - the place With a wonderful view of the ocean. So when will it happen? What time and what day Iíll see you discreetly come out And in my arms I shall take you away To where you cannot be found? Iíll kidnap you if only you give your consent, Just think of the pains I have taken! Now to love in a cottage youíll have to assent Once the Palace is no longer vacant.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1998