In our gang no strangers we would let. And so one day - God damn - I took my chances - I brought the man along with me and said "Heís one of us, now let us charge the glasses". He kept us company and seemed to be content, We welcomed him like a good friend, or brother, However, he betrayed us in the end. It was my fault, do not blame any other. I donít recall the trial, what a plight! And then there was the barrack, cold as grave, and It seemed to me it was a pitch-black night, And it was not a dream, it was apparent. I will reserve myself and Iíll revive; He thinks that he will never ever see me, He was too fast to bury me alive, He was mistaken, boys, believe me. The day will come, the night will not last long, Iíll ask you when atonement is around: "It was my fault, I brought the man along, Give him to me, and I will have it out".
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1998