Shall I forget it, that fighting, oh my! Death overhung all around, Stars were falling like rain from the sky down on the ground. There is one falling... Iíll live, in so far as I made a wish, willy-nilly... Now I have bound my life with a star, Isnít it silly? I thought the trouble had past and I had Managed somehow to escape it... Falling from heaven, a star hit my heart, So unexpected. We were ordered to capture the height, "Donít spare bullets!" - they told us... Thereís another one falling now right, Down on your shoulders. Plenty of starlets, both seen and unseen, There are to be had in the heaven. Iíd be a hero now hadnít I been lost in the hell then. Iíd give the star to my son, as a note, A keepsake and all... Stars in the sky go to waste for theyíve got Nowhere to fall.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1998