My heart aches, so does my head, I think Please believe me, I am not pretending. Help me out, and Iíll give you anything. And Iíll do my best as long as aid is pending. I will go where pine-trees grow and winds are blowing, Itís more interesting there - itís just my ambition! I will give you cigarettes, and Iím going To present you with my singing in addition. Give me just a gulp of new fresh air Dare I grumble? Yes, I have a ground. Is it some perfume? The smell I just canít bear... I shall thank you, when I get around. Iíve got iron nerves, that are the worse for wear, I have lost the peace of mind for ever. Oh my nerves, my poor nerves, youíre bare! If you came to life youíd be disabled. Bitter will be every word Iíll say, - I have pursed my lips to curse and swear. To the thick wild forest I would run away Hide myself - and howl in despair!
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999