We were to meet. I waited for the day. It felt like waiting for a terrible disaster, But we began to live together right away, Without fearing what might come after. I got you out of gutter, dressed you, and I cut the number of your doubtful connections, You had a trail behind, without end, A long-long trail of casual relations. I battered, I recall, your so called friends, I donít know why, but I just didnít like them, Although there might have been, I sense, Nice fellows, genuine friends, among them. Iíd do whatever you would ask me to. I wanted every hour to be night of wedding. One day I nearly killed myself for you, but my attempt, thank God, was unavailing. And if youíd waited for me on the year When I was driven to the "country-house", I would have stolen skies for you, my dear, and in addition stars from Kremlin towers. Iíll give you anything, or Iíll be damned! Donít drink, donít lie, and Iíll forgive you, sinner! Iíll give you Opera and Ballet and The smaller building of the Sports Arena. Iím not inclined to meet you now, my dove, Iím scared of our act of love occurring, The way the Japanese are scared of the horror of Hiroshima recurring.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999