Make a bridge on the occasion, Or a tunnel through the brine, - Come without hesitation To my shish-kebab and wine. Put in tune the old guitar which Youíll be coming to me with; Cheer up, screw up your courage, Donít forget to hide your teeth. When you get to the idea That all roads will lead to Rome Then you will be welcome here, Come, weíll have a chat at home. Hide your horns and draw your claws in, Get unrigged, and donít be grim. Make at least a little crossing, - Throw a pole across the stream.
You had better set about Mowing, sowing right away. If you miss the boat, look out, - You will rue the hapless day. In the morning you will stare Wondíring, as you wake up: who Laid the bridges here and there, Without even telling you. Make at least a river crossing, Or a tunnel, underneath; Donít forget to draw your claws in And to hide your sharpened teeth!
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999