Tell me, why you, viper, have your eye-brows pencilled, And what the hell youíve put on your blue beret for. You are going out for a dance, I sense it, You have got two tickets to the club, I know. You should have no doubt that I dote upon you, I can do the stealing for you night and day, But you are unfaithful, and I want to warn you, I will put you down if you go astray. I have no objections if itís Nick or Slavka, I donít mind you going out with my friends, But if it is Victor from Pereyaslavka I shall crush you, stinker, tear you to threads! Listen to me, hussy, Iíll be frank and solid: You had better get that beret off your head; If you donít, Iíll have you buried in my soul, and You will not be found, - coated with cement. When you come back, maybe, later in the summer, Iíll have found a woman, - a real bit of jam, Then youíll burst with envy, like a dirty bummer, Saying: "Please forgive me", but I wonít give a damn.
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999