Send Thy blessing and absolution To obedient servants of Thine! God, permit us to do the ablution By immersing in Sanctum of Shrine! Let the vivifying lustration Heal us sinners from wounds and filth Itís a kind of a bog reclamation, Or, should I say, a rebirth. All the sins, flaws, disputes, troubles, doubts, Boredom, apathy, rows and so on Like a shot from a gun are squeezed out By the steam which has just been put on. All that torments you will disappear And ascend to the sky, like on wings, Whereas you must descend, clean and pure, For the steam will have done with the sins. Take your time with the shower, donít hurry, Washing doesnít mean cleaning at all You should birch, lash and wallop your body Steaming out all smells from your soul. No oneís "naked", so leave your ambition, No one cares if donít look good, Itís like Garden of Eden: admission Will be granted if youíre in the nude. When you take off you clothes you had better Dressing manners and habits forget! Youíll be birched and walloped, no matter How you try to preserve self-respect. All are equal, and nothing is hidden, All endure the heat, in good trim, And equality, brotherhood, freedom You can feel in the devilish steam. Drive the new generation to sauna! Let the young take the rite of baptism! Pour your sacrament water upon us, Purify us from barbarism!        
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999