Well, now, my hands donít shake at all So Iíll move on! Into the precipice for all My fears are gone! I have no reason for a halt Nor for a break, There are no heights in the whole world I cannot take! Of all untrodden paths and roads One road is mine, Of all unconquered lines and fords Iíll take one line! The names of those who rest in peace Are in the snow. Of all untrodden roads one is For me, I know! The bright blue radiance of ice Lights up the cracks; And on the granite, in disguise, Are someoneís tracks. I have my dream and let it flow Around the world, And I believe in pure snow And pure word! Time flies. Thereís something I will not Forget about: Itís here that confidence I got And killed my doubt! The water whispered on that day: "Good luck! No woes!" The day... What was it? Wednesday, eh? Oh yes, it was!
© Alec Vagapov. Translation, 1999