Iím on the job and with a knife, And donít ye touch me at this time! Then I as ever go to a mess. It makes no difference what they say, All what Iíve gained I drink away, And Iíll forever walk this way, my friends. A man comes up to me and says, ďOur lifeís too arduous nowadays - The scums like you must spend their time in cells.Ē I never talk with such odd birds, And did him in without words, And Iíll forever do the same, my friends. If yeíre just curious what I think - Yeíre welcome, friend, letís have a drink, And any problem weíll take up and fix. But if yeíre on that odd birdís path - The law applies to all of us, And itíll forever stay just as it is.
© Akbar Muhammad. Translation, 2009
[Partly adapted from Andrey Knellerís ďIím working, with my knife in hand...Ē]