Give me a glance! My heart is broken, dear Catherine - By your light step, your laughter, and your eyes. Ye’re so beautiful, what’s yours is pretty everything - But costly dresses would increase your price. I’ll buy you any fancy gowns, and hats, and roses, And real gems, and everything ye want! I promise you that ye’ll look better than Dolores, Whom I did in, and who was so hot... Believe me, Catherine, and like an o’erfilled river Our joyful life will flow forth and forth. At any price I’ll make you happy, O my dear, And not each year I do in my girls. My dear Catherine, give up ye any doubt - An honest heart is throbbing in my chest. Let’s take a sledge, it’s the right time for riding out! Let’s go, baby! Later ye’ll be dead...
© Akbar Muhammad. Translation, 2013
[Partly adapted from Olga Mona’s “Katherine”.]