“Hey, chauffeur, drive to Butyrka Settlement, Where the prison is, and be quick in it!” “It’s too late for seeing it: for the whole year, ye’ve been mistaken, friend, They’ve dismantled Butyrka Prison for bricks.” “Oh, it’s sad, I’ve gotten a thought this morning To inspect the favorite haunts of mine... Well, there’s nothing to be done, then to Taganka Prison we’re going, There I’ve also spent a lot of time.” “It’s again late: there’s no more that prison now, To the ground, Taganka has been razed.” “Well, chauffeur, then turn your car, we’re going back as that’s how things are, As there are no traces of those days. “But, chauffeur, let’s have a smoke before it Or, take in one of the good old taverns. So we’re drinking to the time, when there are no more prisons in Rossia, When our land has no more labor camps!”
© Akbar Muhammad. Translation, 2017