But Iím to blame for my bad lot, I groan and weep - In someone elseís rut I got, itís long and deep. I made my plan, I set my goal deliberately, And now I have no choice at all - no liberty. The verges of this well-trodden rut Are steep and slippery with mud. I curse those who discovered this rut, My forbearance will soon give out, And I say oíer and oíer like a nut, ďTo a rut, in a rut, with a rut...Ē But whatís the reason to count this drive unbearable? I canít declare that such a life is terrible. No one will caught thy car or hit, so donít complain. Thou even mayst increase thy speed along thy lane. Thereís no denial in chow and sup, While going forth within this rut. And I quickly put trust in my luck - All around me also got stuck. Carry on, chum, a wheel in a wheel! And thouílt get right where all ever will. Here someone gave a loud shout, ďMake way, ye there!Ē And started struggling with the rut, a crazy bear. He simply wasted in this struggle his soulís warmth, So his worn-out valves busted up - and what there was. When struggling, he crumpled the rut verges - Now itís more wider than it was. But his track was abruptly cut short - They dragged this crazy bear off the road, For no one has the right to obstruct The hard traffic in this good old rut. I faced my turn - the battery drained, and plugs canít spark. My peace went off and came vexation - the car got stuck. I ought to push it to the end, but I canít do - Perhaps, behind me, thereís a friend whoíll pull me through... But in the help I canít put trust, Because itís someone elseís rut. How I wish to spit with mud and clay In this rut thatís not mine anyway! Now itís deeper because of my drive, And Iím blamed by all driving behind. I felt myself break out in sweat up to the bones, And then I walked a bit ahead along a board. I saw that vernal flows cleared my way, I gasped... The way out of the rut appeared - Iím saved, at last! The tires spin and spit out mud - To hell with someone elseís rut! Hey, back there! make your way just like me - Thatís, donít go the pathway Iím on. This new rut appertains but to me, Get ye out by a rut of your own!
© Akbar Muhammad. Translation, 2014
[Adapted from translations by other translators:
Vyacheslav Chetinís ďAn Alien RutĒ,
Andrey Knellerís ďSomeone Elseís RutĒ,
Sergey Royís ďSomeone Elseís RutĒ.]