From ancient olden times in India lived Wild huge grey elephants. The elephants elephanted in the jungle without a path One of them was white for some reason. With kind eyes, a quiet disposition, he was different, With his mind and noble suit. Among his grey fellows, the white elephant Was certainly a white crow. And the lord of India, there were times, Gave me an elephant out of respect. "Why do I need an elephant?" I asked the foreigner, And he said "The elephant has a big heart." The elephant performed a curtsy, and I in my turn bowed My speech was not evil and quiet. Because exactly this white elephant Was also a white female elephant. I looked great sitting on the elephant I went around India, a fairy-tale country, Oh, where didnít we roam together In distress got along perfectly. And sometimes as we went to sing under someoneís balcony, The ladies all jumped out of the bedrooms. I must tell you, that this white elephant, Was extraordinarily musical. The map of the world Iím sure youíve seen, You know that in India too there is a river. My elephant and I drank mango juice And somehow got lost in the wilds of the Ganges. I rushed to the river, forgetting food and sleep, Irretrievably ruined my health. And then they told me "Your white elephant Met a white elephant herd." I was offended for a long time, and then there you have it, The ruler of India sent me an elephant again. In the form of an ornament for a cane, A white elephant, but made of ivory. It is said that having seven elephants is good from, On the shelf as a means against something bad. Itís better to let the white elephant stroll in a white herd, Itís better if he does not bring good luck.
© Anton L.. Translation, 2018