You could be driving or riding a taxi Or simply walking along with a friend With the abundance of cars in the city Itís hard to walk through your life to the end. Check out the car crash on the Moskva river Three guys were taking the fourth to the morgue All of them, even the driver, were injured íCept for the dead who was safe in his box. Funeral deacon would skip higher notes And hired weepers half-heartedly wept Loud and flat was the brass bandís performance Only the stiff didnít cheat or fall flat. His former boss, a concealed mafioso, Kissed him on forehead and spat in disgust. All took turns kissing, except for the body Which was too timid to kiss anyone. Suddenly thunder - and it started raining: Forces of nature can get in the way Everyone ran under covers and shelters Only the dead one did not run away. "So what itís raining? He doesnít mind! It is the living who shiver and freeze. Corpses were people of much better kind, Brave people, nothing like you or like me." Kingdom of shadows is peachy and rosy There are no dangers, or troubles, or sins. Each day we live - is by dear Godís mercy, It is the dead who donít fear a thing. One can be buried alone or with others - Living arrangements donít bother the corpse "He is so nice, that deceased friend of ours, Doesnít require much care at all." Hard as you try, you cannot lose the feeling There is a price tag attached to your head. You canít be sure and peaceful completely Until you are undeniably dead.
I hear you complaining: ďHeís fond of the corpsesĒ But no, itís my destiny that makes me mad: Sooner or later weíll all get run over Except for those who are already dead.
© Alex Tolkachev. Translation, 1999