Take a deep breath, then some more Do not hurry, three-and-four, Spirit, grace, plasticity are emphasized All around strengthening In the mornings sobering (If youíre still alive, of course) is exercise.   Those of you who have clean floor Can lie down, three-and-four, Do the exercises and donít say a word Try to get rid of the tension You will learn to pay attention Take a deep breath so it really, really hurts.   Very active íround the world Is the flu, and-three-and-four, The desease is widening and deepening If youíre frail - you will die So in order to survive Take a cold wet towel, rub yourself with it.   Now please donít talk at all Do the sit-ups till you fall Try your hardest not to look all grim and cross If you canít stand any longer Rub yourself with something colder Then proceed to shower which is right across.   Those of you who are fatigued Stand-and-sit, and-stand-and-sit Weíre not afraid of Arctic and Antarctic Our main professor Joffe Proved to us that booze and coffee Can be both replaced by sports and prohylactic.   Weíre not scared by lifeís pace In response we run in place Even total novice will be happy here Wonderful: from the beginning No oneís losing, no oneís winning Stationary running is agreeable.  
© Alex Tolkachev. Translation, 1999