Why is everything wrong? The whole world is the same; Skies as blue as they have been before Just as fresh is the air, just as scorching the flame But he hasnít come back from the war Now Iíll never know which one was right Me or him, as we argued ítill four I found out Iíd miss him on that very night When he hasnít come back from the war He would change the subject, and sing out of tune He would silently stare at the floor He would wake me up early, to look at the moon But no more - heís not back from the war I just realized: we were two in this house Itís not the emptiness - that I ignore Itís that roaring flame that has been doused When he hasnít come back from the war And today spring broke free, young, wild and untamed And I ask him as I open the door "Listen friend, got a smoke?" But no answer came He hasnít come back from the war Our fallen, from their posts with keen eyes Watch the Earth like loyal sentinels Like mirrors, the forests reflect the skies And the blue trees stand fair and gentle Our small apartment, forever mine Now that heís not around anymore Itís his clock that stopped but I feel it is I Who has not come back from the war
© Ilya Yakubovich. Translation, 2006