Who said it has burned, deep inside Do not plant any seeds in this Earth Who said that the planet has died No! It is but awaiting, for birth Sheís our mother, forever concerned Yesterday, today, and tomorrow Who said that the planetís been burned No, it has blackened in sorrow Do we hear her unearthly despair As our trenches her fair skin sever The Earthís nerves now naked and bare She bleeds and she cries, however: She will fight through and survive And forgive our raging violence Who says that the Earth isnít alive Do not think she is forever silent No! Her song is still loud and clear Ringing from every wound weíve opened Donít forget, that this ancient blue sphere Is our soul; and a soul canít be broken Who believes that the planetís been burned? No! It is but awaiting, for birth
© Ilya Yakubovich. Translation, 2006