If a friend suddenly Became Neither friend, nor a foe, But then; If quickly you canít judge His grit, If heíll go through with it - Then take him to the peaks, Risk it! Donít desert anyone To it, Let him be tied as one To you, There youíll know who he is. If a lad in the hills Alas, If swiftly he blunders Or falls, If he slips on the snow Or floe, Staggíring, and by his cry Shows you his flaw, heís a Stranger Donít pursue him by curse Press on: He wonít be welcome above And here For his deeds, none will sing. If he doesnít complain No pain; Let him have gloom but persist Insist, And when you fall from cliff Or crag, He will moan But heíll hold If he went as to war With you At the peak you will stand Absorbed For that view, heíll be the same Next to you, count on him.
© ?. Translation, 2006