I come home from work, Put my awl on the wall, - Suddenly someone flits out the window From my wife, from the bed! I, of course, ask: "Who is it?" And she answered me: "Itís the Holy Spirit!" Oh, Iíll meet this Spirit - Oh, Iíll bust it in the head! But not all Spirits are alike: This one got Mary into bed! Perhaps your blood is blue, Your bones might be white, - He will be born, but I know That he ainít no Christ! In reality, Mary was all sore She wanted to make a scene, I offended her, the fool - She was all mixed up and confused! At first - I was affectionate: this and that... But she was cautious: "No, thatís that!" I then ground my teeth and Couldnít help but being rude: "If he is so wise and ancient, His age two thousand and six, Heís gotta have in any village At least two or three chicks!" I gave Mary this proposal - I would add to this little fantasy! When he comes back next Sunday You, Mary, do as I say: I will do my morning routine and pretend Iíve gone away, And you will conjure the Spirit up, okay? You make up his bed - In a stupor, I will beat him! He will use his wing, I a stake, He will say a Psalm, I a rake! He of course will surrender - Maryís honor will be saved, Because I think that This Angel is Satan! ...Then Iíll fly in, screaming with my stick, And will be no more hope for it..." Mary started to cry. "Where did it go?" "It left, the desirable Spirit!" "How would I know, I donít know where it went?" "Yes, itís all true", she answered "itís gone! It read a Psalm to me And tickled me with its wing..." "You fooled your ever-loving man! Oh, you awful wife!.." I lifted my weapon upward... Go ahead Satan, laugh at me!
© Adrian Erlinger. Translation, ?