Sheís got a life of her own - laundry, a living space. But, I entertain in a corner at my auntís. All my free time is for her. At her, I look from the window across the way. In the evenings, the light in her window never fades. And yesterday, the elevator man told me for a bottle: That sheís got two actor friends And one of them is a popular actor at Taganka. While I had this connection with the Department of Housing, I learned a lot of various details about her: Her older brother is a football player with Spartak, And her father is a referent in the Ministry of Finance. I will say that I always go to football matches, And Iíll put in a good word about Spartak and her brother. I will say that Iím on good terms with the Ministry of Finance And myself, as an amateur, act at the Moscow Art Theater. She has on her windowsill a geranium, She has curtains wide-open. But I have nothing on my windowsill Except old dust on the dresser.
Itís nothing! I will by a lottery ticket, And I wonít have to wait for long. And if there is any justice in the world, I surely will win a brand new Volga.
© Adrian Erlinger. Translation, ?