Here is the television - a loudspeaker and, An orator, who spreads it for miles! Itís not a window, (I wonít even spit into a window) It has opened up all of the worldís doors. Everybodyís at home - at full attention: Vacation in the Crimea, hurricanes and Kobzon, Film, part seven - they eat it all up: But I didnít even see parts one through six. I turn on Channel 1 - and they are diving - Well, itís okay, from twenty meters. "Look at those girls!" - they are performing! All of Ďem in aprons, you could lose your mind! We have television - my apartment now seems bigger, Iím grieving at all the worldís problems, I am breathing the air of the entire world, I see Nixon with his First Lady. Imagine that! Foreign leaders in front of you - Eye to eye, head to head Propped up by a footstool, my TV set. I have witnessed their important tÍte-ŗ-tÍte. Then - shock workers at the bread factory, Talk about baking until ten oíclock. My wife says "Oh look at those guys!" Shooting, jumping, you could lose your mind! If you arenít watching - then you are not a fool, Youíre probably just living in a cave: And you donít know where they find talent, You donít know who is gifted!                         How can I convince my stubborn Nastya?! She wants to go to the movies when itís Saturday. She says that I too have fallen for That stupid box for idiots. Yes, I too am addicted - I come home, And here is Nixon and Georges Pompidou! Itís all right - I grabbed a bottle - I took a shot for Georges, but not one for Richard. But reality is even more of a nightmare - I turn on Channel 4 and go to the balcony: "Look at those girls!" "Look at those guys!" They are giving prizes out in the UN! ...Then, at the Kanatchikov Mental Hospital, Where unfortunately that intrusive service is, In a haze, I saw the whole broadcast, The whole show was about Angela Davis. I hear: donít cry, everythingís okay in the taiga, USSR won the game against West Germany, They arrested a hundred of those scoundrels, And Magomaev sings on KVN. But reality is still so elegant and chic - Two televisions - turn and twirl: "Look at those guys!" "Look at those girls!" Iím not afraid to lose my mind!
© Adrian Erlinger. Translation, ?