I donít like fatal outcomes Never get tired of life I donít like any time of the year When I get ill or drunk. I donít like straight-forwarded cynicism Donít believe in exaltation, and also When a stranger reads my letters Glancing over my shoulder. I donít like it when there is no other half, Or when a conversation is interrupted. I donít like it when they shoot in the back I am also against shooting point-blank. I hate rumors that pose as versions The worms of doubt, the needle of honours Or when itís all against the wind Or when itís with iron against the window. I donít like confidence built on satiety I opt for failed brakes, in this case. I am disappointed when the word "honor" is forgotten And itís accepted to slander someone behind their back. When I see broken wings, I have no pity, and this isnít without a reason. I donít like violence and weakness Although I feel sorry for the crucified Christ. I donít like myself when I fear, It angers me when the innocent suffer. I donít like it when someone worms into my soul All the more when they spit into it. I donít like maneges and arenas There, a million is exchanged by rubles. There might be big changes ahead, But I will never like this!
© Nellie Tkach. Translation, 1998