If a friend suddenly became Not a friend and not a foe, but just a so-and-so. If you canít really tell What kind of a guy he is, - Take the fellow to the mountains risk it! Donít leave him alone: Let him be in the same bind you are You will see who he is. If the fellow is not - an ace, If he went wimpy and down at once, Stepped on the ice - and cracked, Slipped and made a scene of it - Then - that is a stranger beside you, Donít curse him - let him go: Nobody takes losers to the top - and here, Nobody sings about them. If he didnít let out a whimper, didnít whine, Was sullen and angry, but walked anyway, And when you fell from the cliff, He moaned - yet held. If he marched ahead with you, as if into a battle - Stood at the top, drunk with joy, Then, as on your own self, Rely on him.
© Nellie Tkach. Translation, 1998