Through my dreams - a blinding light, And a voice is moaning Not tonight! Please not tonight! Iíll be fine come morning. But the morningís just as bad All the fun is over Choking on a cigarette Toasting my hangover.         In the tavern - pain on ice Venison in season Foolsí and beggarsí paradise And my wide-open prison In the church itís damp and grey Candles glow like rubies No, the church is not the way Not the way it should be Up the hill, no time to stop Better safe than sorry Thereís an alder up on top And down below a cherry Drape the slope with moss at least Make it look less shabby But everythingís the way it is And not the way it should         Way across the river shadows loom God, where are you hiding? In the meadows bluebells bloom And the road is winding Woods are deep around the bend Full of witches lurking And if you make it to the end Thereís a hangman smirking Horses prancing far away Beautiful and bashful Itís all wrong along the way And in the end especially Well you can drink or you can pray Wonít do you any good No, my friends, itís not the way Not the way it should be.        
© Mika Tubinshlak. Translation, 2009
© Mika Tubinshlak. Performance, 2009
© Michelle Nichol. Performance, 2010