Here spruce-branches shiver, suspended in sleep, Here birdsong is faint and beseeching. You live in a forest, enchanted and deep, Where no one can possibly reach you. Let the ash-berry tree set the forest ablaze, Let the creepers embrace you like lovers, All the same I will take you away from this place To a palace of music and flowers. Your world has been languishing under a curse, Concealed from my eyes and from sunlight. And you are convinced that itís heaven on earth, This forest, forbidding and silent. Let the moon spurn the clouds with a frown on her face, Let the air drip its magical potion, All the same I will take you away from this place To a tower overlooking the ocean. When finally I break the unbreakable charms, Youíll slip through the curtains that hide you, And then I will sweep you away in my arms Where no one can possibly find you. If you wish to be stolen, Iíll steal you of course. Thereís no end to the laws Iíve been breaking. Wonít you settle for paradise under the stars If the tower and the palace are taken.
© Mika Tubinshlak. Translation, 2009
© Mika Tubinshlak. Performance, 2010