Hereís a flower that wouldnít bloom - come spring When they picked it, it wouldnít resist Itís a story of someone who started to sing Didnít finish but didnít persist Maybe fate didnít like him or give him a chance When he shyly attempted his song But the notes that he played wouldnít make people dance And who knows what could have gone wrong?             Itís funny donít you agree with me? Heíd tell a joke without the punch line How could he know of what the taste would be? His lips had hardly touched the wine He was only attempting his argument He was timid and slow to begin As the sweat on his forehead began to descend And escaped with his soul through his skin He just loaded his gun for the duel, to be He just learnt all the rules in the game Itís as if he had only begun to see And about to view his first frame He wanted all of it, what for? He had to stop, and right before... Before he reached, before he learned, more And gained knowledge of the truth, above The only one he ever yearned for Heíd only just begun to love Itís funny donít you agree with me He tried to rush but he was late Decisions that heíd have to make, would be Forever left behind unmade Thereís truth in each letter I speak He had written for her in the snow But the fate of these poems was bleak It would melt with nothing to show But back then it was snowing a lot, a storm He had freedom to write in the snow, he did He was running to tell her before it got worm And the snowflakes would melt on his lid He didnít get to her in time And couldnít make his poem rhyme... He wasnít fast enough on foot He wasnít fast enough in flight Who laid his path to be no good? He couldnít do it if he tried Itís funny donít you agree with me He tried to rush he made some haste Two seconds flat, the missing link, the missing key And the entire thing to waste! Itís funny, isnít it, I know, I know Hell even I am laughing too Itís just a tree that wouldnít grow, so Who can we blame, what can we do?
© Evgeny Sakirski. Translation, 2000
© Evgeny Sakirski. Performance, ?