The ground has been swept, and you may want to curse The race that I am in, and make this knowledge public That I must be the first to reach the end of earth Horizon is my finish line and target Conditions of this bet were not approved by all And nobody supported this with yearning So here are the rules: I have to reach my goal By driving down this road and never turning The meter-s racking up the miles The lanes are narrow, just like isles And I keep seeing shadows in the back A crow? Or someone dressed in black I realize the way they plan to blind my site I can in fact predict how I will soon be cheated I almost hear their scoff when they delay my flight And I can see their roadblock-s completed The gas is always floored, and at the present speed A spec of dust has impact of a bullet My wrists are cramping up; I got a nosebleed I need to pass before they block it solid! The meter-s racking up the miles I travel down the narrow isles I know that they are tightening the bolts I should be faster; otherwise I fold The pavement starts to melt; the tread begins to smoke The end is almost near - my stomach growls often I use my bear chest to tear through the block I-m still alive, so take away the coffin The ones who set this up, and made me take this bet Did not intend to make this contest fair This gamble just like wine is making me forget But when the curves are sharp I am prepared The meter-s racking up the miles I cut across the lanes and the isles Just calm the losers down, please advise them When I am first to get to the horizon The end of earth, it seems, remains rather far I-m past the roadblock; yet still alive and moving But there-s more to come, they-re shooting at the car And there-s something still in need of proving The money that they bet was not what brought me in But not to miss this chance that has arisen. To find out where the earth is gonna end And how does it converge with the horizon The meter-s racking up the miles The snipers missed in each of their trials But what is this?! My breaks refuse control I cannot stop, I miss my finish goal!
Evgeny Sakirski. Translation, 2002
Evgeny Sakirski. Performance, ?