Im "Yak" fighter jet, my motor is tolling, Sky is my home and limit But he whos sitting inside of me He recons that he is the fighter A Junker I zapped on my last sortie - I treated him like a toy; But he whos sitting inside of me Hes really got me annoyed. In yesterday fight, I was shot right through Mechanic just patched me up But he who is sitting inside of me Sends me again in tailspin To aerodromes the bombers bring Death with their shelling; But all you hear is bomb fins singing: "Peace be in your dwelling." A "Messer" pursues me! Im going to flee - So tired of wounds I am! But he whos sitting inside of me - I see hes decided to ram! What is he doing?! Were going to explode... Hell no! on the sand I wont burn! With systems and gears in overload From a dive I manage a turn! Im leading, but wheres my supporting jet? What went wong, theres no telling; He burst into smoke, bowed and started to sing: "Peace be in your dwelling!" And he whos sitting here inside my skull Is left alone in the soup; He tricked me, confused me by making me plunge Straight after looping the loop He jerks the controlls, and doubles the load, On this ace I wont stake a dime! I now obey him in my ususal mode But this is the very last time! I swear, no longer Ill bow to his will, I better will lie on the ground! Does not he hear my pulse off the charts - My blood, my petrol, has run out! An aeroplanes patience can be sorely tried And his times already been; But he who was sitting right here inside Slumped head-first against my windscreen Hes dead! At last, with no burden Ill soar; Ill burn the last of my force. But whats this, what? Im in free-falling dive And theres no way I can change the course! Its a shame that my freedom so little should bring Let another one try excelling At least in the end I had my chance to sing: "Peace be in your dwelling!"
?. Translation, 2009