I知 "Yak", the fighter. My motor sings. The sky is my domain. But he who sits inside of me thinks That he is the fighter of fame. In this dogfight, I blazed up a "Fritz". I did with him what I willed. But he who inside of me sits Has my patience to the brim filled! Last sortie left me riddled with lead, My mechanic mended my skin. But he who sits inside of my head Again is forcing a spin! The bomber is bringing death on its wings, Death to the aerodrome. But seems to me that its tail sings, "Peeeeeace to your home!" Behind me, "Messer" prepared to kill. I値l leave, I am tired of pain. But he who痴 inside of me, ready to kill, Wants to ram, not to perish in vain. What madman he is! We will both be dead!.. On the ground is no place to die. And straining all the horsepower I had I gracefully escape the dive. I知 leading! But how? I値l be damned! He vanished? Gone? Sank like a stone? No! There! He lit up and started to sing, "Peeeeeace to your home!" And now, the one inside of my skull, Spaced out and started to stoop. He made me confused and started to dive, Straight from an inside loop. He is pulling a handle with double the "g痴". Oh, Jeez, what a fighter ace! I have no choice. I will have to obey. And this is the final case! I will comply no more until my death. I would rather burn on the hill. What is he? Blind? Or, maybe dead? My lifeblood needs to be filled. All beings are patient, but to an extent. At last, I知 not made of steel. And he, who痴 inside, feels tired and spent, Falling forward, becoming still. Dead! At last, I知 flying high. Spending gas at a maddening rate. But what is it? What? I知 in a deep dive! And I cannot escape my fate. A pity, I haven稚 achieved a thing. But others will not be unknown. It turns out that I will also sing, "Peeeeeace to your home!"
Eugene Derbarmdiker. Translation, 2004