Donít sleep in daytime, lying belly-up. I am not going to let you off the hook. Remember those days when to Australia Arrived ships of departed Captain Cook? Sitting in the cool shade of azaleas, Civilized traditions were no bother. In the vast expanse of the Australias Savages were eating one another. A question rises: why eat Capín Cook? Youíll find no answers in a book. The answerís simple, thatís the way I look: "Were very hungry and ate Capín Cook." Another theory is - their chief was a big crook. Said, "English ship employs a tasty cook!" They put one in the bag and didnít look. Instead of tasty cook, they got a Capín Cook. Was very simple - no tricking of the crew. Came quietly during the midnight blue. And used a club of their best bamboo: "Whack!" on the head and Capín Cook they slew. There is a valid reason to suspect That Cook was eaten OUT of respect. The cunning shaman - meanie and a spook Yelled, "Grab the worldís bravest Captain Cook!" Who can consume him raw, without any spices Will be like him - brave, kind, strong, and even dressed so nicely The bravest of the tribe picked up a stone And hit Cook on the head when he was all alone. Today the savages are weeping like a brook. Their spears and arrows - they have long forsook. And burned the clubs made of the best bamboo: Regretting eating dear Captain Cook.
© Eugene Derbarmdiker. Translation, 2004