I was mixed up with a bad company I can be frank and candid - be: Last name, first, my whole biography They knew too well in KGB. I was the star of our neighborhood. The whole street loved me like a son. I knew I was under a microscope, But still I did not give a darn. I felt as one amongst the burG-LARS Among pickpockets - just as well. Big boss, the Major-Sergeant Gullivers Because of me did not sleep well. I never in my life did agonize, But neither did I miss the loot. One gloomy day a stoolpigeon did rise He "spilled the beans" - I got "the boot". Detective was a very pleasant one, But he did summon me to "chat". I answered him with all my gentleness, But told him little more than that: "No murdered souls are on my rep-sheet! And never did I tempt the fates. Slept like a baby under satin sheets, Dreaming - you, PIGS, have cozy graves!" But my thick file had not been dismissed They read aloud the harsh sentence The verdict punched me like a closed fist. Plus five more years for repentance My lawyer tried to get me off scot-free Just ícause Iím such a funny guy. But prosecutor was so harsh with me I do not think he had the right! My starís not glowing like it used to do Iím duller than a dusty shoe Why be a star of a society, When stars are all "given the boot"?
© Eugene Derbarmdiker. Translation, 2006