During the Siege of Leningrad, I grew up. I was a skinny feisty little lad. Bearing witness, I saw how foodstuffs burned up. I stood in line for the precious bread. My dear Noble Citizens, Were you the most innocent? When we lost count counting the dead? You ate bread with some caviar, - While I thought how great we are. I smoked butts of utter crap and my face turned red Snow flurries even grounded the birds, And thieves could find nothing they could steal. The angels took my parents. Damn! It hurts! "To stumble"ís the worst fear you can feel! If you were hungry and drew breath You starved with others and faced Death All suffered equally, including the police. While you in the evacuation Read up on all the information And heard the radio broadcast the latest "News Release" The blockade seemed to go on forever But Our people beat the Nazis HARD! We couldíve lived all satisfied Like cherubs up in Heaven, If NOT for your obnoxious armed guard. Iíll smile but will NOT shake hands, You, "citizens with armbands": Donít touch my soul with your dirty paws! Your private lives, exotic And NOT so patriotic Are known to the labor unions and people of the law.
© Eugene Derbarmdiker. Translation, 2006