To Marina
Here is a place where the fir trees are trembling, The place where the birds cannot sing. You live in the fabulous wild magic wood, No one can escape from here! Let the bird trees dry their leaves blown out. Let the liloc die out with rain, - I will take you with me anyway any day To the palace where the pipesíre signing! Your worldís been a secret for agei his morning, Itís hidden from me and the worl - And youíre still thinking that nothing can be, Be better then this magic world. Let the tree leaves be dry early in the morning, Let the moonbe unfriendly to sky, - I will take you from here any day any way, To the light palace facing the cea. Which day of the week, which houn of the day You will come up to me carefully. Iíll take you on arms any day any way, That no one can find you forever? I will take you away if you like it, my love, I spent so many efforts, yuo know?! So, agree with the heaven in hut, what for more, If the palace is taken by others!
© Zlata Karlova. Translation, 2017