If a friend lets you doubt about - does his word weigh a lot or not, if you canít see right from the start whatís the game on his part - find a mountain to try that guy, do not leave him alone, press on on the same rope along the slope - to the same lofty top. If he felt like each nerve strand rent, every time he slipped out heíd shout, on the glacierís track every crack made him want to turn back - then just send him away, donít wait, he is not of your kind, so mind - up there one doesnít walk with such folk, thatís the end of the talk. But if under the strain and pain, gaunt and grim, he did not give in, as he saw on the wall you fall, he cussed, yelled but he held; if he stood next to you, oh boy, on the summit half-drunk with joy - then from now on in every esteem place reliance in him.
© Oleg Eyrich. Translation, 2018