In dreams I see yelow lights Sleeping I am wheezing Wait little time, wait little time - Morning must be easier But the morning is wrong too: Happiness is nowhere Smoking before eating food. Drinking from hangover         There are green glasses in bars And white paper napkins. Paradise for poors and clowns, (But I)feel as birds in cages There are stink and dark in church, Priests are smoking insence. So that here we can watch - Nothing has right meanings Go to mountain, running free, All things must be checkin At the up stays alder tree, At the down is cherry If the slope’s twisted by lvy So it would not be strong. I need something not to die, But there’s everything’s wrong!         Go in field by the river - Much light, but there’s no God In the field are corn flowers And the very long road By the road stays deep wood With the Yaga-Grannies In the end of this long road - Hanging with axe-handles Somewhere horses dance in time Not wanting and slowly By the road is nothing right In the end at all, more Not a church and not a bar Nothing’s realy brightly No, my people, nothing right Nothing’s really rightly!        
© ?. Translation, 2008