Weíd not fought to win you nor felt your embraces But we loved you, though itís over now I guess. Valya, carved upon my heart your darling face is - But Leshaís got your features tattooed on his chest. At the station that day when we separated, I declared Iíd not forget you till I died. "Iíll remember Valya all my life", I stated - "Not as much as I will", Lesha then replied. I donít know which of we two has suffered most while Weíve been missing you - so, Valya, you decide: As for him, his skinís been pricked to show your profile; As for me, my soul is pierced deep inside. When I feel so sick and downcast I canít take it - Donít be angry, Valya, with these words of mine - I make Lesha strip off till heís semi-naked And I gaze at him for hours at a time. But not long ago a friend set out to stop me By artistic means from going through this hell - Lesha modelled while my good pal made a copy And tattooed your profile on my chest as well. I donít speak ill of my friends but still the fact is Youíre much nearer and much dearer to me as My tattoo - or, rather, yours - is more attractive And much better, Valya, than the one he has.
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008