As I wandered round town just by happenstance I hit two passers-by in the street. I was nabbed by the cops and I met her glance Down the nick - and my heart missed a beat. I donít know what on earth she was doing there - Maybe getting her passport renewed. She was young, she was beautiful, she was fair - I resolved to set off in pursuit. I remembered the door where she disappeared But thought: "What can I say? Iím a thug..." So I knocked back some vodka and asked my dear For a drink in the railway snug. She attracted the smiles of the passers-by And I wanted to kick up a stink. Then I landed a punch on an arsey guy With the brass neck to give her a wink. I was flash with my cash like Iíd struck it rich - I spread caviar thick on her bread And I ordered her songs, like the one in which Soldiers turn into cranes when theyíre dead. I kept promising Iíd treat her properly And repeated these words through the night: "For five days now Iíve not done a robbery íCos Iíve fallen in love at first sight." I declared that my life was a waste of time And I snivelled and sobbed in my scarf. She said: "You spoke so true - when I make you mine I will lower my charges by half." Then my blood went so hot it was simmering And I hit her, my little white dove. The police had their reasons to bring her in When at first sight she filled me with love.
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008