Give the dogs meaty rations - Maybe theyíll fight then to munch them. Give the hungover kvas and Who knows? They might end up drunken. To keep the crows from bloating Put scarecrows in more places. So lovers grow more doting Give them space for embraces. Throw grains upon the ground now - Shoots might grow from those seeds then. Okay, Iíll stay within bounds now - Only give me my freedom! They gave the dogs a fillet - They didnít pounce upon it. They gave the drunks some spirit - They said they didnít want it. They scare the crows - whatever! The crows donít bat an eyelid. Couples are brought together - Theyíd be better off divided. They watered all the seeds and No wheat grew - thatís the ticket! Yesterday they gave me freedom - Now what shall I do with it?
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008